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I can smell the enchiladas I have made in the oven and they are driving me CRAZY!! Starving! What are you all having tonight?
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oooh, I love enchiladas! are they loaded with ? I'm on the next flight!

Not sure what I'm having tonight, might go for pizza
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Yes they were loaded with cheese and they were damn tasty! You should get that flight; there are plenty of leftovers!
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I have to work late tonight, so probably end up with a frozen dinner when I get home
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Ooh! I`ve never had enchiladas but they sound good!

Tonight I had a frozen Tescos Healthy Living Cumberland pie and ended up throwing it away after a few mouthfuls. It was horrible and full of bones
But I do need to lose some weight because I split the bum of my jeans today!
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Meatloaf and I'm not sure what else. John's grandpa has been cooking the meatloaf for awhile and I can smell it all the way down here in the basement... I'm starving!
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I had pork chow mein with bbq ribs, lovely!
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