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New fosters - mum and kittens

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Dont normally take mum and kittens, but due to some issues at teh rescue, I have got some - only teh second lot in 3 years!! Fortunately they are 8 weeks old, so shouldn't be too difficult, and they shouldn't be here that long. Mum is pure black, no idea of age, and the kittens first appear to be black and white, but they have some unusual tabby markings in the black near their shoulders. When they have settled down a bit (all currently hiding and spitting at the moment), I shall take some pics of them. They are all nameless at the moment, I think they are all girls, as a quick feel didn't reveal any 'boy bits', so suggestions welcome.
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They sound adorable....
Sending vibes to Mum and her sweet kitties.
Looking forward to seeing their pictures.
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oooh kittens!! how exciting don't let those young whipper-snappers bug your oldies too much

as for names I say go with a theme or same first letter deal, it's easier than being really imaginative
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I`m sure they will thrive with you and settle down in no time

Can`t wait to see pictures!
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it's actually looking like 2 boys and a girl, we have a very unusual dark tabby girl (pics will be put on tonight), a black and white boy, and this unusual dark tabby and white boy. not very confident kittens unfortunately, teh dark tabby and white boy goes bonkers when you handle him, and I have lots of scratches already!! The other two aren't as bad, but tolerate stroking a lot more than handling. Not very playful either, the little girl appeared scared of the toys last night. I have just under a month to work on these three.
Katie - kittens are kept in the cat room, mine wont see them - good job with one of them hiding all the time, would never find it loose in the house.
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sounds like they may be partial feral,you will do best by handling them in a towel as much as you can.They sound like feisty little brave is the word
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Can`t wait to see your foster family!
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They aren't partially feral, just unused to touch, I might try the towel on the real scared boy though, as he does lash out, the others aren't too bad.There is a girl and 2 boys - girl is a tabby, just a very dark grey one. Boys are black and white, but do have the same unusual tabby markings in them, but I think they may fade. Girl and one of the boys aren't too bad, they will eat, play, and just about accept fusses, although not overly keen. The other boy has barely come out from under the bookcase, even when the other two were under there playing!! Some pics, and still all unnamed, even mum - I want something imaginative for her!!

This one was taken after checking the babies for sex, I think they were relived to be back together!!

Here is the one who will barely come out

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They are beautiful, even the shy one under the bed
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They are, and I hope they come round quickly. The female is the best of them for not running at the moment, so at least I have her and mum. mum is very thin and has really thin fur, so she will need a bit of feeding up.
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They are all precious...
Mum has sacrificed herself to care for her kittens.
She deserves nothing but the best of care as do her little sweetie pies.
Sending thrive vibes to the little shy one and lots of love to all.
Thanks for caring.
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They are getting better, the boy on one of the pics is the best at being stroked, the girl likes to watch me, but unsure when you stroke and handle her. The third one is coming out more, he was playing last night while I was sat in there, and is eating, just not as much as the others as he is hiding. Mum generally doesn't care that she only has 2 babies sat with her, I have only heard her calling for him once, even when the other two are feeding she doesn't seem to mind one is missing!! He got an accidental stroke on Sat night though, I went in, and all 3 were out, one went under the bookcase so I assumed it was him, and it was only when I stroked the two left on the windowsill and got hissed at that I realised it wasn't him!! I think he is going to be a dark grey tabby and white, but could be wrong. Have more pics of all 3 together, will try and post them at some point.
Mum is looking better, she still has thin fur, but it is getting a bit of a shine - it looked really greasy when she came, but a few babywipes seem to have helped her, and quite possibly the kitten food (babies are happy eating her adult food!!). They are on chicken for tea tonight, as they have their first vet visit!!
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Good luck getting them in a carrier
glad to hear they are starting to settle, hope all goes well at the vets.
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Awww, they are all gorgeous! Shame I can't drive at the moment or I'd be right over to play!

Glad they are settling a bit and Mum is looking better
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Wasn't as bad as I thought, and they were all good at the vets. The girl and the scared boy weigh 0.84kg, the other one weighs 0.99kg, they had their first dose of wormer last night, so had some nice fish to hide the nasty taste!! The scaredy boy hasn't been under the bookcase since, I put him in the igloo bed at first, then found him half in the open, half at the side of a box, so he got a bit of a stroke, then last night and this morning they have all been on the windowsill together, I managed to stroke him twice last night without getting hissed at, I was very impressed, so he got a treat. The vet isn't too sure on mum's age, but would put her in the 5-8yo category, I really do hope this was her first litter and that she hasn't spent most of that time having babies. Am going to book her in to be spayed tonight, she weighed 3.3kg.
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STill got 3 unnamed kittens!! They have been here 2 weeks now and are much more confident, they have met 6 new people this week, and the two more confident ones have been fine with everyone, although most people only saw those 2!! They will play and allow people to stroke them, so I Think those two could be rehomed, even though they are sometimes a bit skittish when you walk into the room. The little grey and white boy still hides, but fortunately only occasionally hisses and lashes out at you!! Mum is sometimes a bit on the skittish side, and think she might be glad to get rid of her babies!! I Will try and find time to upload the pics I keep taking!!
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HAve someone looking at two of the kittens on Sat, please keep your fingers crossed!! Any that are left by Sat will have to go back to the rescue, as I go away a week tomorrow, and I dont think it is fair on the cats or my neighbours - shame though, I would have preferred to be able to continue to work on the grey and white boy.
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lots of adoption vibes for the little babies!!
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What gorgeous fosters you have! Lots of adoption vibes for all of them!!
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Forgot the pics - here is one taken on Sat!!

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Oh...just look at those sweetie pies.
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Sadly, their home has fallen through, so unless someone magically rings between now and Sat, they will have to go back to the rescue, hopefully they will stand a better chance of finding a home there.
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Sadly, Bella is still with me - have had interest in both the oldies here, but not her, so maybe there is some truth in people overlooking pure blacks. Apart from not liking being cooped up in my cat room all day, she is happy here, and learning how to play, although will only play with string at the moment.
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