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Heated Water Base Boards

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I'm curious to find out if anyone has lived somewhere that have hwbb (Heated Water Base Boards).

How does it compare in cost of utilities to just having a furnace?

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I have them, and there is a little bit of savings over forced hot air and radiators, but it really isn't that noticeable, considering fuel costs in general.

I prefer the baseboard heating because it warms an entire room better than having the heat come up in just one spot.
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I've always had them because they are better for people with allergies. I am also not sure of the cost savings, but as Betsy mentioned they do seem to warm the room better.
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If you are referring to those steam heat baseboards that you find in some apartment buildings, I have those. However I rent and don't pay heat so I can't really give you any indication as to the prices.

I can tell you that they put out a great deal of heat.

Also, they are a pain in the butt too because you can't put anything against them because the excessive heat can damage the furniture plus you end up blocking the heat. So you have to have at least a foot of space between your furniture and the baseboard, preferably nothing in front of them though if you can manage that.
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I never had heated water base boards, but I used to live in a house that had heated water floors. Boy was that nice, never had cold feet and the cats LOVED it. They would alwas find the nice warm spots on the floor. One thing with heated water systems, is that the heat is more steady and no drafts as you get with forced air systems. I have forced air heating now and sure miss my quiet heated floor system.
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Our house has electric heat with baseboards. As previously stated you have to watch furniture placement and they should not be blocked.
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That's good to know then. When B read that he immediately said that the water and electric bills will go up.

I like the idea though. Beauty has a difficult time in the winter due to arthritis and even though its milder in NJ, still it does snow.

Plus if its less drafty, then that would mean we wouldn't have to turn it up as much. I may consider that as next week I have one or two next week with hwbb.
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I have a boiler system w/hwbb, and I have to say it's very, very comfortable. As previously stated, it does give out more even heat, it's totally quiet (unless the pipes need bled, which only happens about once a year at start-up) and I find that with my home's layout it can be pretty cost-effective if you set the thermostats right (I have three zones, and I'm really frugal about my settings).

But, as previously stated, it can limit your layout since the bb's should not be blocked to maximize heat output, but it's not as dangerous IMO as putting furniture in front of an elec baseboard, since it's a gentler radiant heat.
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