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Officer leaves patrol dog in car, dies.

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Pets are just like humans no matter how 'tough' they are. No one can stand the heat.
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Don't the cops using leave their squad cars running when they get out? At least around here they do.... They shouldn't bring the dogs with them if they can't be responsible about it!
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yea they do the same around here, the cars are almost always on. Thats just sad... stupid
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That's very very sad..

I can't imagine a dog being cooped up in a hot car.. My polly girl died a month ago, because of heat. And she was outside with water and shade, and she still died because it was soo hot...

I feel so bad for the dog.. Can you imagine how horrible that would be.. I knew how bad it was with Polly she was unconscious and heaving trying to stay alive or at least her body was,, but she was dying.. Heat is a horrible horrible killer.. I can't go on.. I'm starting to cry now..
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As a lot of you may know.. this is a local story to me.

The officer's name is a very known name before, I *think* I've actually seen him in the news for other things...

This is sad. ;( It's been hott here.. EVERYONE in ARIZONA knows it's WAY too hott to leave any animal in a car... even if you were just running into a store. That's ridiculous!
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Ok.... I hope this doesn't to turn into (my thread about my speeding ticket, which opened a can of worms, the cop likers jumped on the defensive) I have to state, I don't dislike cops, I do have issues with the way they are sometimes!
Now I got that out in the open, WHAT?????an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so P OED!
I cannot not and will not have anything to say about this that is very nice.
I thought our officers were there to protect us, what makes me think he would care about protecting people!!!!That is no mistake, you don't forget about an animal............period!
Especially one so important, what is he doing running errands? Taking a nap, oh yea, going to eat, What a selfish, thoughtless jerk! And don't go defending cops! They meaning
"most," think they can do anything and get away with it! If that makes anyone angry, that is exactly how I feel about this story! So get over it! Just like we all have to get over whatever these inhuman people do to us and a poor innocent animal whom was depending on this person to take care of him! That a------ isn't any better an Michael Vick! He needs to go down!!!! I just pray that man doesn't have children!!!!
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That's awful! NBC had a story this morning about a woman who left her toddler in her car on the East Coast for 8-10 hours yesterday.
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I want to know why he was going out to eat while he had his dog with him? Are they even allowed to do that?
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I read stuff like this and it just burns me up!! How can anyone be so insensitive & cruel & thoughtless??!!You just don't leave anyone in a car in this heat! It's been so hot everywhere!! Where are this person's brains??!!


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Its very frustrating to hear of something like this. I guess they just dont really think about being in the heat...that animals are different from humans. I'd like to see their butt stuck out there for an hour. SAD!
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