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Isaac, our new little guy!

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We are finally not catless anymore!
We adopted little Isaac yesterday from the SPCA - he's 4 months old and is pretty tiny and bony.

He is the sweetest little guy. He loves to be held and loves lots of kisses and hasn't swatted at us once! He was in a cage with a very rambuncious other kitten who was a little rough with him so I think he's relieved to be with us!
The picture is with Emma holding him. We had a hard time getting her to sleep last night - Isaac was a little overwhelmed and took to hiding and we couldn't find him and she was SO upset/crying "We just got him today and now he's GONE!!!" poor little dear...
Here they are:

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oh my gosh!! how cute is that little guy!! Congrats on your new baby
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He's adorable.
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very cute new addition
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Oh thank you for giving this wonderful kitty a furever home.......
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Oh my goodness look at those sweet little eyes ......... he is adorable and so is Emma awwwwwww Congratulations!!!
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what a sweetheart! congratulations on your new additions!!! (by the way- love the name! that's my nephew's name)
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How precious!
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He is adorable and so is your daughter Congrats!!
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What a doll baby! (both of them!!!!)
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A double dose of cuteness

Good luck with the new addition to your family
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How exciting! Getting a new kitty is the absolute best. Post more pictures of Isaac soon!
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Isn't he precious, and i love his name
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Wow... he's absolutely cute! (And your daughter is pretty, too!)
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Isaac is a little cutie!
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