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What do paws smell like?

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I know this is strange, but my cats paws have a smell. Not litterbox but, a smell.

I was giving my furrbabies kisses on the paws one day when I noticed my Roo (the orange one) had paws that smelled like cheetos or cheesies. Tigger has a smell too but I can't place it right now. Definitely not litterbox though.

Ok, just thought maybe some you you could relate.:tounge2:
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Alf and Ronnie's smell a bit musty, like a room that has been shut up for a while. But only if you really smell them hard.
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Peedoodles paws smell like feet LOL
I have yet to smell Kahus...I will try though.
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Have scent glands in their feet. When they sharpen their claws they are also marking their territory. This is why their feet smell different to you.
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Ok, you ready? I think kitty paws smell like sleeping kittys. I know that is weird, but it is kinda like the smell a sleepy baby gets. All warm and tired and sleepy smelling. That is what kitty paws smell like to me.
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I'm just imagining 3000+ Catsite forum members grabbing their cats and sniffing their little paws
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BUNN - *LOL* Great image!
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Yeah, right, I'm going to wake up the cats and smell their paws! They, already, think that humans are weird.
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I sniffed at Peedoodles. And I tried to sniff at Kahu's but he doesnt have a scent. Hes all nice and clean.
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I, too, have noticed a scent, but it is more of an overall scent. I just LOVE it when she has to sleep on MY pillow with me so that I can bury my face in her fur. She smells wonderful. It isn't like a scent you could put a smell is just her own scent and I love it. It really feels like a bonding moment with her when we do this.
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Years ago, one of my sons complained that his favorite cat "stunk". I sniffed the cat and he smelled like my (then) husband's aftershave. Since I picked out that scent, I thought the cat smelled fine.
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Ivo's feet smell like the rest of her-a musky, sweet, wonderful odor.
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smelly cat... smelly cat... what are you walking in?

smelly cat... smelly cat... your feet smell like sin...
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One of my cats always smells like popcorn! I've never sniffed her feet though!
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Popcorn?? Make sure you dont eat that cat~!!!!
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Leo always had a sweet, kind of autumn smell about him. The others don't really have a smell.
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I've always thought it fitting that my orange cat's feet would smell like cheetos or cheesies. ha ha
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Tamme, My s/o is relieved to know he is not the only cat paw addict. He loves to play with the cats' feet. He says you can tell something is wrong with them when they don't grrom their feet, guess that's true of grooming in general.

I dug up this thread becase we were talking today about kitty paws. Dan said he thought he was crazy, then I told him about the time we were discussing cat paw smells. It made him feel better.
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This is so funny! I was calling to the kittys BUT it was like they knew I wanted to sniff them, and not one is in sight. Maybe I'll try later tonight in bed.HEHEHE
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LOL I just smelled my Loonie Toones paws and they smelt like a cooking BBQ , Guess someones been walking on ythe BBQ , LOL

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I will wait a few more weeks before I check the kittens feet! Babies are so cute, and baby feet are the best!
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My kittys feet smell like perfumy litter. I hate scented litter. It smells like mens after shave stuff.
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Fluffy's have sord of a cheeto Frito smell to them..
I have yet to smell Rocky's feet though..he won't let me do anything to him whatsoever....
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