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My kitten keeps urinating

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He’s roughly 5 months old and until yesterday hes had no problems, but now he try’s to goes every 5 minutes even when he doesn't need to and most of the times he doesn't produce anything. He has also now had a couple of accidents in doors as well.
I have heard its quite common for cats to suffer from urinary tract but having looked at the symptoms the only one he’s has is the constant need to keep on going. He does not seem in pain, there are no traces of blood, he eats and drinks regularly.
Does any one know what it could be?
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Urinary TRACT infection or UTI ... GET TO a VET ASAP
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Please get him to a vet. Those are classic signs of a UTI. And with males, they suffer more frequently from blockages which are very serious.
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Just echoing what the others have said. I hope he's better soon! Let us know what the vet says.
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Is it serious? I don’t think I can get him to the vet tomorrow, though I can on Saturday. He seem perfectly fine other this problem, he eat and drinks well, is very playful and has a cool moist nose.

Edit: Also I have another kitten which is perfectly healthy, but is there a chance he could get infected from the other one?
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I'd put a call in to them and ask them what they think. I'm sure they'll at least tell you whether or not he can wait until Saturday to come in, although I think you're better off if you can get him there as soon as you possibly can. I think his condition will drastically change between now and then, although honestly, I'm not very familiar with UTI or their progression.

Please keep us posted! Best of luck for your little one! Sending lots of feel better vibes your way.
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SOONER is best ... as UTI and crystals can be present .. the latter can be life threatening
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Any word on the baby?
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I took him to the vet and was told that he did have a UTI as mentioned, though was referred to as a bladder infection. The vet didn’t seem over concerned as he was able to produce something when trying to urinate meaning the blockage was not serious, however he has also produce blood a couple of times.
He has had an injection and will be on antibiotics for a week, if he is not better then I will have to take him back.
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Aww, poor little guy! Hope he feels better soon. Keep us posted. Still sending you lots of get better and good luck vibes.
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