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What can I do for Dumpster's mats?

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My cat is super shy and afraid of everything. After moving in to my new place over a year and a half ago he hid under the stairs and would not come out. we couldn't find him because there were boards and opening we thought too small for him to fit under. The exterminator said he couldn't even find a cat in our house. We finally in desperation tore the stairs apart to find him.

He's got bathroom problems so I think his life before me was a tramatic one. I am afraid to take him to the vet so he's only been once when I first got him to get his fixed.

So here's my dilema, he trusts me now and he's slowly becoming more social. BUT he has a few mats on his back side that look like they are becoming more of a problem and spreading.

Knowing how bashful this cat is, I don't want to create any more trauma than I have to for him. I don't yell at him for soiling outside of his box, I've just accepted it and clean more often.

Do I take him to the groomer? Will this scare him too much? I am going to take him to the vet first to get updated on his shots. He's afraid to go outside even. Sometimes I let him out when I am on the porch but I have to hold the door open. If I close it behind him he wants back in. So he's been on the porch only a handful of times.

I read somewhere on this site that a lady had her cat put under to groom him? Do you think this would be the kinder thing to do with this highly stressed cat? I love him so much and would hate for his progress to digress but I don't want him to be matted either.
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My Bickford is very prone to mats and he gets stressed out when going to the vets. He had to have a dental cleaning back in July so I also scheduled a shaving at the same time. He came through it fine.

It will most likely require more than one vet visit - the initial visit to do the blood work and make sure his shots are up to date and then the acutal procedure. An alternative is to bring him into the vets for a checkup and ask about using a sedative pill given before grooming. Bickford's former owner did that before taking him to the groomers. Or maybe you get lucky and Dumpster will enjoy having one-on-one time with you while you comb him! Use a wide tooth comb and go gently.
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If the mats are really close to his skin, you may have to have him groomed professionally and maybe even shaved around his butt and privates. It's called a sanitary shave and it's probably the best thing for him since he has toileting problems. I'm not a fan of anesthesia for grooming unless absolutely necessary. It's just too risky. But ask your vet what they think. Many times (but not always) cats are much better for a groomer then they are for us. He'll definitely have to have his shots before being groomed. It's usually required. A pill to relax him may be a better option and not as risky.
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