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It is so hard taking them to the vet

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and leaving them there. They're eyes are so big and sad.

I had to take Lucy and Much to the vet for a dental cleaning today and it just broke my heart to say good bye. Lucy has this mournful howl and Much is so frail. I know that they will probably be ok (Much's bloodwork was great) but I worry. I'm going to be so glad to have them home though I think Carly likes having the house to herself.
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Oh Gosh Jana, I know it's just awful isn't it, especially since they have no clue why we are leaving them
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I hate it as well Jacks booked in to be neutered on the 25th of October and i fill up just thinking about it

They'll soon be safe back home
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Jana, I know exactly what you're going through. Tailer's at the vet for a teeth cleaning today, too. He was so upset when I couldn't feed him this morning, and he looked so betrayed when I handed him over to the vet assistant.
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Oh we don't like leaving our furry babies at the vets either. Our cats have this look of sadness like why are you leaving me here in this strange place.

The best feeling is to go pick them up! Whenever they stay overnight & they say you can pick them up anytime in the morning, we go right when they open. We want our babies back home!
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Bravery vibes for Much and Lucy and hugs for you

Hopefully your day will go quickly!
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It is very awful. We can't leave anyone at our regular vet overnight. They have no overnight staff, so we bring them home. We can leave some at the ER and have had to. That's the worst because if they are there, they are very very sick.

Loads of luck to you and them. I'm sending good thoughts.
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Thanks everyone. It was hard this morning because Much was so stressed. Normally I close the bedroom door so she doesn't end up under the bed, but I didn't latch the door and she got under the bed. Hubby and I had to prod her out.
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I know exactly how you feel. 2 years ago I had to take Jazz for a radioactive iodine shot I had to leave her at the hospital for a week . She looked at me as if to say, "please meowmy don't leave me here, I want to go home with you" I cried all the way home and for most of the day.
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Oh Jana

When I had Babygirl ...... it was a nightmare, too ........ when Easy and her baby's came ..... they were mistreated at Babygirls' vet, so we found a new vet .... they were very good to my little baby's ..... then we discovered that one of the vets out of that office actually does house calls.

Thats what we have done ever since ..... it has been a life saver because mine get highly stressed at the vet ........ now for emergenies .... we would go in ..... but regular care ..... he comes to us ..... and for a home visit ...... the new rate is $75.00 for all of the cats plus whatever tests he orders.
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My babies are home and they are doing great.

Now for the fun part - 7 days of antibiotics...
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Awwww that's great news Jana!
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I'm so glad they're home. That's the best news of all.
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