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Multiple Littber boxes

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We are about two weeks from bringing home our kittens. They already know how to use the litterbox. When we bring them to the house, I understand we need to show them where the boxes are located, but do we need to place them in each one? We will be using the same litter as they use now. What else do we need to do for this?

Also, I have heard the proper number of boxes is the number of cats + one. Is that correct?

Thank you
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IMO, the number of boxes needed depends on the size of the boxes, the cats and the cat's preferances. I have 2 cats and 3 boxes. 2 oversized one and a regular one... they hardly even use the regular one.

I would take them to each box and either place them in it or right in front of it so they know where all the boxes are.
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One of the first things you should do is show them the location of the litterbox like you said. You don't have to put them in each box as long as the boxes are in the same area. You should keep showing them the litterboxes until you actually see them go to the bathroom. Just so you know that they know where the litterboxes are.

The # of litterboxes depends on your situation. If you have 2 kittens, you could probably just have 2 litterboxes, just depends on how often you want to clean them. A 3rd litterbox would be a good idea but do what works best for your kittens, just start off with 2 litterboxes & see how that goes.

Good luck with your new kitties! Hope to see photos someday
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I currently have 2 adult cats, 1 older kitten (6-7 months old), and 7 younger kittens (between 3-4 months old). We have four litter boxes. Two are large and two are medium sized. There are really only two of them that ever get used very often, so four really is enough for us. But they're scooped every time they're used during the day.
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I have 3 cats & I have 4 Litter boxes. I have a 3 level townhome, I have 2 on the lower level, 1 on the main level & 1 on the upper level, & I scoop 2x's a day.
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Pics, I hope.

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I was testing with the first one, to see if it worked. Here are some others:

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I have 2 oversized litterboxes(18 gal rubbermaid tubs) for every 3 adult cats. Which, works right now. But I scoop 2x a day & change weekly....the litter doesn't last as long.

I suggest getting three "regular" height litterboxes, not the extra deep ones, for the time being. Remember, they are still young, so they might not get alllll the way to the litterbox if they're busing being kittens. Because, that is like, furr-ever away when you're a kitten haivng fun!
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We got three smaller boxes, figiuring they can get in/out easier. Should we get regular size, or will that work for now?
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That should work for now, just be sure you scoop often & keep the box clean. They're young enough that you really do not want a dirty box keeping them from using the litterbox, it would be a bad habit to learn so young!
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We have 1 box per cat, and I put out an extra if we are going to be gone and have a petsitter checking in. Normally 1 box per cat works well for us. I scoop 2-3 times a day.
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Originally Posted by kapmeister View Post
I was testing with the first one, to see if it worked. Here are some others:

so precious! i want another kitten
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CUUUUUUUTE kitties!!!! OMG I love kittens.

I have 2 cats and 2 litter boxes. I have a small apartment right now and I probably should scoop every day but sometimes I only scoop every other day. I would get the smallest litter box possible then as they grow get bigger ones. Or get one with a ramp.
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I would also suggest (although it's somewhat gross) that you maybe get a baggy with some "cat waste/spent litter" and use that to "seed" their new litter boxes. This helped with a little feral kitten I found...he didn't go until he smelled the other cats' waste in the box, then he went.

I've got 2 kittens and an adult cat and am only using one box right now (space issues), but it's a giant omega paw "roll-away" and I "roll" the box once a day. So far, so good, but we'll see how everyone does as the kittens get older.

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Aww What cute kittens.
We have 7 cats with 4 boxes. We have one oversized & one regular in the basement side by side. There is one average size in each of the two bedrooms. We had 3 boxes but one of them started to spray. We also changed the litter to scoopable. So far no issues.
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