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Question of the Day - September 6th

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Did you have a favorite stuffed animal as a kid? do you still have it?
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I had this yellow teddy bear that played music. I slept with it everynight until it was so torn apart I couldn't. I do still have it though, it is packed up somewhere.
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Mine was a stuffed Beagle dog that I got when I was 4. My friend named him Crackers because she always saw my mother eating crackers (she was pregnant). He's missing his eyes and nose but I still have him!
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My favorite stuff animal was a Panda Bear that I got for Christmas when I was 4. I named him Bo Bear and Yes I still have him, he sits on my dresser.
Infact Sassy likes to knock him over and lay on top of him quite often.
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It was a monkey that my brother brought me back when he was in the army. I don't have it now though but it was so cute
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Yes and maybe yes, I think its in one of my boxes at my aunties place, back in NZ.

My oldest brother has Rupert the bear and Rupert is now 36 years old. My bro was meant to have him put in a glass case with a plaque. Not sure he's done that though.
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My favorite stuffed animal was naturally a CAT! She was a brown Pound Purry, I got at my birth, and eventually named her "Brownie" (a creative kid, I know). I had her until I was about 12, when I lost her at Disney World. It broke my heart. I think about her from time to time...
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I have a teddy bear that is 6 months younger then I am. I still have it, but its somewhere in my mom's house and we can't find it. I know its still around as Teddy was put in a plastic bag so he would not deterioate.

Will find him eventually
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I had a stuffed monkey. He had black arms and legs and a yellow chest. His feet, hands and face were plastic. I think in his right hand he had a banana that fit into his mouth.

He is long gone now.
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Cabbage patch premie...and yes i still have it!
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I had a teddy bear who is quite dilapidated now, but I still have him somewhere.
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I have always loved stuffed animals, don't really know why...

I had a cat as a stuffed animal, it was so squishy & soft, I loved that stuffed animal. Shes long gone now but I still miss her & think about her. Sounds crazy I know but she meant a lot to me. If I could find another cat stuffed animal that looked like her, I would be so happy
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I had a teddy bear that was given to me while I was still in the hospital, I slept with it every night and I even threw a fit once when I forgot it at home when going to daycare. I had it until my sister puked on it
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I did not have a favorite stuffed animal or blanket. I do have the cabbage patch dolls I played with and the doll house and all the furniture I got for it though.
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I had a stuffed mouse about the size of a football (American football) with big, pink felt ears and a long, pink yarn tail.

He was finally taken away from me and tossed while I was at school around the age of 11 (he was pretty gross by then, and not washable).
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Many, and I have most of them. The acknowledged patriarch of them is an exceedingly dilapidated blue dog -- actually started his life as a pyjama bag -- named George. He's lying on the hide-a-bed a few feet from me. For those who know the story "The Velveteen Rabbit", he is most assuredly "real". For those who don't, here is the full text, complete with illustrations. It's not a long read, but lovely.
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I had a pink blanket instead. I still have it.
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Yes! I had a brown teddy bear, and I still have him now- he even survived the flood!!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Yes! I had a brown teddy bear, and I still have him now- he even survived the flood!!
Awww that's awesome Kenz

I had 2 favorite Dolls...Mrs. Beasley and Drowsy...I still have Drowsy
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A teddy bear I named Honey-Joe was my favorite. He is a "Honey-Joe" bear. I don't know if anyone remembers them. but yes I still have him. I have had him since I was like 5 and I am almost 22. Buster chewed off his bow and everytime one of the dogs chewed on him, I would put bandaids on him because I didn't want anyone to throw him away.

and other my most favorite stuffed animal it's a little lion that looks like Simba and I have had it since I was like umm 12 or 13 because I got good grades on my report card so my grandma bought me the stuffed animal. I still have it and I will always have it because my grandmother died of cancer in 2003. I also have lots more she has bought me; and I still have them. I have way too many stuffed animals.

heck I have most of my stuffed animals from when I was younger. I like to collect them.
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I had a Doll my Grandma gave to me for my first Christmas, my borther cut all of her off when he was four, I loved her to death, shortly after I was married , someone (I think the Landlord) stole it from our apartment
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Yes I do!!
I have a black cat "Blackie" Even though he (I wonder why its a he??) don't really look to much like a cat-has pointed ears and a type shape nose. There was one of those pull strings on the side but that disappeared decades ago.
I guessing I've had him 46-47 yrs??? I plan on being buried with him.
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I have a bunny rabbit that is dressed in gyngham trousers and a red jumper. He has a hole in his ear now but he's still my fave toy! He was passed to me from my older sister when I was born but I didn't have the heart to pass him to my brother; he got my turtle instead.
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I had a pink Care Bear I got before surgery when I was 4 years old. Still have it, 16 years later. He looks gross though!
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I had a little black dog, the name was Blackey. I haven't seen it for many years.
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I had a black and white stuffed skunk that I named Gussy McDuff. I used to fall asleep sucking on his ear. One of the seams on his side started to unravel and I put a bandaid on it. I still have him. The ear that I sucked on all the time turned purple (the black dye turned the white fur purple.) The bandaid is still there. Gussy McDuff is 48 years old....just like me! My sister still has her favorite stuffed animal (a black and white striped tiger) after 46 years.
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Popples! I have or had 2. I know I definitely have one still. Those were the best stuffed animals. You could fold them up and hang their tail out. So cute!
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Yes! I have Sabre 2. It is a little stuffed dog I had since I was a baby (there are pictures of him in my crib). I didn't name him until I realized our dog's name was Sabre, do he was Sabre 2. He went EVERYWHERE with me, including church. I remember my parents would give me a penny to put in the collection basket, but I insisted Sabre 2 had to put it in, so I put it between his little paws and drop let him drop it in. I wouldn't go anywhere without him.

He is now threadbare. He lost his button eyes a long time ago, so mom put eyes in with black thread. His stomach was ripped open and he was losing stuffing so mom created a black shirt out of a cut up black shirt just to keep some stuffing in.

When I moved to Guam, he went with me and sat on my shelf (out of cats reach). He is very fragile and very loved. Right now he is packed up, but now I have a sudden urge to unpack him and snuggle. He is in a sorry state, so snuggle with have to be very gentle...he is almost 40! (god help me, so am I!)
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A stuffed animal i named "tommy" - it was a soft blue holland lop bunny- just like my Sophie i wound up adopting years later.
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