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Kat and her Kittens!

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Hi Everyone,

My name's Kat and I live in the UK. My boyfriend and I have wanted to get kittens for quite a while now but we had always been in a flat so didn't think it was fair on the kitties. A couple of months ago we bought our own house and last week we finally got our two little kittens! They were rescues at the Cats Protection, they'd been abandoned along with their Mum and 4 siblings in a taped up cardboard box and left on a riverbank. It's disgusting to think that people could do that.

They were both quite timid when we first got them but they're wonderful now, they're so happy to see us when we get in from work and spend hours chasing each other around the house playing. I'm really pleased with how well they've settled in. We've named them Oscar and Smudge, and they're about 12 weeks old (we're not really sure as the Cats Protection weren't sure either but we'll be asking the vets opinion when they have their first appointment next week). They're both black and the only difference between them (asides from their personalities) are the colour of their eyes, Smudges are slightly more amber than Oscars.

I'm glad I've found this forum as I always have so many questions as I want the best for the kittens, and don't like to hassle the Cats Protection as much as I have done!!

I'll post some photos of the kitties when I get home (at work at the moment), as we have plenty.

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Welcome to the Cat Site!!

We look forward to hearing more stories about your kitties

Best Wishes to you, your BF, Oscar, & Smudge! Have fun posting in the forums!
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Hello & welcome
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Hi & welcome! Can't wait to see pictures of your babies!
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Hi! Welcome to TCS!
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!
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Hello and welcome!!
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Welcome =) Everyone's super nice and helpful here!
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Thanks for the welcomes everyone.
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welcome to TCS i have two little kitties too just thought i would let you know that if you go on the whiskers website they will send you a kitten care pack which has some good stuff in like coupons and samples and the purina one website will also offer free samples if you want to try it looking forward to the pics
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Hello & welcome to TCS. Yes, it amazes me too how ppl can dispose of life so easily. Nearly a yr ago, my son saw someone tip something from a plastic bag. On his way back from the shop he went to investigate & found a 3 week old kitten. I hand raised her & still to this day can't figure out how she was disposed of in this way. She's such a pretty cat.
Look forward to hearing more about your little kitties.
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Welcome, it's so cruel how people can do things like that to animals, luckily they are with good people now who will spoil and love them just as they deserve to be spoilt and loved
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Hello and Welcome
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