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I'm not sure if this is the right section for my question, if I'm in the wrong place, moderator pls help to relocate. Thank you.

Hi room, I'm new here and need some experience advise. I've been keeping cats for a long time 13 yrs to be exact, but hv never tried breeding them. I've a male cat "Thinko" that is 3 yrs old and he is on heat, yesterday I bought a female cat "Elly" 1 yr old and tried to introduce them first time.

Both the cats ok, with the first meeting, no hissing, just very very cautious movement, and only a lil aggression no fights. I just leave them alone and monitor from far. Thinko made most of the advancement as Elly is new to the enviroment. After half a day is gone in the night I saw both of them already mating.

My question is, thinko seem to be so excited about this bf/gf thingy that he constantly disturbing Elly and trying to mate with her. Should I seperate them or just leave them alone she should be able to handle him?

Thank you for reading the long winded stories.

Meet Thinko (Tabby) and Elly (white)

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IMO they should be separated in two cages side by side till they know each other better. And only put together in a room when she is in full heat and ready to mate.

Are they maine coons? Are they show quality? Do you have breeding rights?
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