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RIP Luciano Pavarotti

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This was a breaking story on the news in San Diego, the time was 1005 Pasific Standard Time. I have looked for a link on the story but it looks like it has just hit the AP wires.

Luciano Pavarotti dies of cancer related problems at the age of 71.

His talent will be greatly missed.

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I see according to the Times website, 8 hours ago he was in very grave condition due to pancreatic cancer.


ETA: More info on his death.
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How very sad.
May he Rest In Peace.
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May God shower blessings on his soul.

I was honored to have heard him sing once...

I will miss his wonderful voice.

Rest in Peace.
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I've been hearing all day that he was gravely ill & unconcious. It's 4.4pm where I am & its just come over the news headlines that he's passed. The world will miss a great voice. R.I.P Pavarotti.
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May he Rest in Peace
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My prayers are with his friends and family.

His voice will live on forever!

He was one of the few singers who could actually make me cry when he sang. He put such emotion into every word and note. There will never be another like him.
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When I first saw this this morning... I immediately thought of my favorite song with him and John Denver (I'm a J. Denver girl), Perhaps Love. With both of them in heaven now, it's sad for us, but at least we have their recordings to go on with.

If you haven't heard that song, I recommend it... I think it's totally fitting here... IMO.

RIP Luciano

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R.I.P. to him a great Tenor and person...
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RIP Pavarotti He'll be singing his beautiful music up in the heavens...

His voice is amazing & powerful! We will all remember you Pavarotti!
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The world has lost a true artist. God Bless.
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He had been very sick for a while...I hope that he is in peace now!
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I'm sorry to hear this. May he RIP.
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One of the most amazing voices to have ever graced the stage. Rest in peace, Luciano Pavarotti. You will be missed.
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Aw no I didnt expect to read this,he was a gentle giant with a voice that was truly blessed in heaven.
I was never lucky enough to get a ticket to see him perform,but I was always happy just to hear that voice,a very sad day

What time did he pass away?I work nights never heard anything before I read this.
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i was never a fan of that style of music, But man he did have a great voice.
rest in peace, i am sure he will be missed.
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I am not a fan of opera, but I was lucky enough to hear him sing in high school when we went to New York. We also got to see him backstage and could not help to be impressed by his stature.

The world has lost a great artist.
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to a great man
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I'm not a big fan of Opera, but his voice touched my soul. Now, he's in the chorus of angels. RIP.
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