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cough in cat

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Just wondering if anyone can tell me if this is something I need to see a vet about, or is it nothing...

About once a day my cat will cough, then it sounds like he has mucus afterwards for about 30 seconds.

He's totally healthy otherwise as far as I can see (playing, eating, grooming, etc) - he's about 5 or 5 1/2 years old (not sure because we adopted him from a shelter 3 year ago and THEY weren't sure.)
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Does the cough produce anything? Is the cat long hair? Does he cough after he eats? drinks? what? Is he sneezing? runny eyes? Sorry for all the questions but more information will help
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No, my cat is a shorthair and he has no other symptoms whatsoever. Also, the cough will just happen when he is laying or just sitting there. It didn't happen yesterday, but like I said,it is normally once a day. My other cat used to cough, but after the cough it didn't sound like he was all "snotted" up (I don't SEE any mucus, it just sounds that way)
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Our american bobtail is short haired and he had this weird cough. Took him to the vet a few days ago and the vet said it was just him getting hairballs from cleaning himself :P The vet prescribed Laxatone: a lubricant for elimination and prevention of hair balls. It was only about 7 bucks and his cough has disappeared.
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