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People food??

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Are all cats into "people food"?? George needs to know what every one is eating! Most of the time when he's given a smell, he turns up his nose and gives his front paw a shake but just this week we discovered the LOVES cantalope In fact, he and I just shared a snack of turkey and cantalope (turkey being one of the other people foods he loves).

He doesn't get/doesn't like too many people treats (thank goodness) and doesn't get a lot when he does but he sure is curious as to what he seems to be missing out on!

I'd love to hear what everyone else's fur babies like eating - but probably shouldn't
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Blossom likes to eat Wheet Bix. My husband always forgets to close the packet properly so I bought a plastic box to put them in. So he doesn't put the lid on hard enough & she can get it off. Men!!!!!!!!!!!
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My first cat (Shasta) was MEGA into people food. If we had it, she had to at least have first refusal, and most of the time wanted her fair share. Gryphon and Nibs, when they came to us, knew nothing of this, but Shasta taught them. Treats for the humans meant treats for the cats, if we knew what was good for us, and they had very discerning taste.

No cat after those three has really "got it", where human food was concerned. Sooz likes a little ham; Cindy likes a little butter -- emphasis in both cases on "little" -- but if they didn't get those things, they'd never miss them.

Such a difference!!
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Charlie is willing to try anything you are eating. Ling is picky - she only likes chicken, hamburger and cheese - the rest she will pretty much ignore.
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Rosie and Sophie have never been interested in human food but if i've got something in my hand Sophie pulls my hand down just so she can sniff whatever it is i have Jack on the other hand needs to put his paw in my food to sample it that way
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Summer likes chicken and lunch meat. We usually give them some. Chevy isn't as gutsy yet about "asking" for it....he'll just watch us curiously. Summer also runs whenever I open tuna, which she can't have.
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Riley will eat ANYTHING. He is picky about his cat food, but if he thought I was eating it, he would eat it as well.
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Ari must have some of your iceberg lettuce. RB kitty Minx was our cheese specialist (including cheese curls).

I think most of us have had a kitty nose or two investigating what we are putting in our mouths. Sometimes while it is IN our mouths!
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
Riley will eat ANYTHING. He is picky about his cat food, but if he thought I was eating it, he would eat it as well.
Bayley is the same way

He will eat anything & everything that he can get his little paws on!

The other day I was making John a turkey sandwich in the morning for lunch that day, and I turned around to put away things & turned back to the counter & Bayley had taken the WHOLE sandwich in his mouth & took it in the living room and was eating the turkey meat inside! Where there's a will, there's a way, right?

I took John the sandwich with tooth marks in the bread, just to show him how much hard work it was to make him lunch!

Harley on the other hand couldnt care less... he likes a little boiled chicken here & there, but he'd rather eat his wet food!
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JiJi demands whatever food everyone in the house is eating. He usually comes to me first and starts batting at my hand to make food drop. If he doesn't get anything (or even if he does) then he goes to my mom and starts climbing her hand to get food, then next is my step dad. Lastly is my 1 year old sister. None of us give him food (well I do once in a great while), but the baby will. >.< She shoves her bottles of milk and juice into his mouth, shares her crackers with him, tries to get him to share anything she has. He usually doesn't get much from her though, we stop him from going for it and her from shoving it in his face. ^_^
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