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Help, Kitty Just Upchucked!!

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Hi Everyone,

I've been MIA lately due to hectic work schedules. Anyway, something just happened that really worried me. I was feeding my kitty dinner, and right after she finished, all the food just came right back up! It didn't even look like she was throwing up, she just openned her mouth, hacked a couple of times, and the food just spilled out. Just like a baby spitting up milk. The food looked completely undigestic and was not acidic. I also checked for hairballs, there were none. Afterwards, she didn't seem bothered at all, she was just as playful and energetic. An hour later, I gave her some cat milk, and she kept that down. Two hours later, she asked for food herself, and kept it down fine too. I don't know if this is normal, or if I should be worried. She's only two years old, and has never done anything like this before. I just need some information and/or reassurance from the good people on this site who know better than me. The vets are all closed by now. Thank you so much. Hope to hear from someone soon.

Cat-love to all,
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Mine does this sometimes when he eats too fast.
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She probably ate too fast
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I have one that does it sometimes too. I wouldn't worry.
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Are her food bowls elevated? This helps with digestion and keeping food down also.
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My boy Salem throws up allll the time! Some time he just gags and nothing comes out, but we took him to the vet. There isn't anything wrong with him, we really don't know why he does it so much but it could be from eating too fast.

It's not uncommon for cats to throw up, so I wouldn't be worried if I were you, even if your kitty suddenly did it
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My cat did that last week for the first time and it scared me too.. Then I realized that he ate a whole bowl of food, and THEN drank half a dish of water... the combination just bloated him and whoops! up it came. try feeding him smaller portions more frequently. and make sure there is water available. (my girlfriend fed him, then I got up and noticed the empty water dish and filled it, thats why he chugged the water like that).
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I agree with the rest. If you feed wet food, just give your kitty smaller portions at more frequent intervals. My mother's eleven y/o eats a combination of wet and dry food, and she gobbles the dry food down so quickly she often vomits... if it's dry you can spread it out so it's harder to eat so fast... we were told to put rocks or something in her bowl (not big enough to chew on accidentally, of course) along with the food to slow her down
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