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Reminiscence can be a very healing thing. This is a thread where those of us who have lost loved ones can come to reminisce... to recall good times and share fond memories. Please join in!
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That is a good idea. Just over a week ago, my good friend's mother died suddenly. The funeral was last Monday and it was so sad. She was just 54 and was a real joy to be around. Such a kind person with a big heart - she was always giving and giving.

I remember going out with her and another friend, to a gay nightclub - this friend was gay and so we had a ball there. Out of my friends, this lady was the 'cool mum' of the friends, if that makes sense. Everybody just loved her.

She will be missed deeply.
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I miss the days when i could call my mom and just by hearing her voice...i would always know that things were gonna be okay after talking to her. Things were always better after talking to momma. She always had the best advice.
Now i just imagine what she would tell me. I think my mom wore off on me in alot of ways...which i dont mind at all because she is so amazing and i hope that i can be 1/2 the woman that she is. When i have kids, they'll be amazed at all the stories i'm gonna tell them about their grandmother.
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I will join in.

Next month will mark 3 yrs since my dad passed awy, way too young, and of horrible complications he should of never had to go thru!!!

I miss everything about him. He was a very quiet man, and my friends use to think he didnt like them because he didnt speak to them when they were over-thats just the way he was.

Football season is approaching and he absolutely LOVED football, and the Kansas City Chiefs!!

Ok, I need to stop now......
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my grandma has been gone over 17 years now, she died when I was 12. She was my best friend and thinking about her still breaks my heart all over again.

I have many little memories of her, going to the orchard, feeding the ducks, her bringing me home an italian chicken sandwich from BK on her way home from work She used to wrap our Christmas presents in brown paper bags I still have a birthday card she gave me that says "to my best friend".

I wish that she could have been around to see me grow up, I wish that she had been around for me to tell her how much I loved her, how very very much she meant to me instead of her passing away before I truly realized it myself
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