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The kittens have a daddy!*pic heavy*

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Well, yesterday and today I brought the kittens out to meet my other cats. They are 2 weeks and 6 days old, so I figure they are old enough to start wabbling around and explore a bit.

Anyways, Bestia, who once had kittens, was curious, but if they wabbled too close she would hiss at them. Binx, my male kitten(about 8 months old) on the other hand came straight over and started playing with the kittens and acting like their mommy. He even licked their privates(saves me the trouble, lol).

I took a bunch of pics and figured I'd share some with ya'll.

Binx showing the kittens how to be silly

So close, yet so far away...

Again, being silly

Bath time(the kitten was wet cause she had wee-ed on herself and I had to wash her off)

"Wait! I'm not done yet!"

Now for the dirty work

Worn out from playing with the kittens

Hope ya'll enjoy the pics. The kittens will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and I'm SOOOO excited!
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Awwww, that's so cute! And Binx is such a good boy to help take care of the babies.
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Wow - that is adorable
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aww how cute. are they going to be long hairs?
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Oh my goodness how precious is that!

What a good boy Binx is
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oh my gosh! that's too cute!
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I love kittens!! They are so adorable!
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Welcome to the Cat Site!

Those kittens are so cute! Our kittens will be 5 weeks old on 9/8.
Kittens are so much fun! Thanks for sharing their photos.

Best Wishes to you, Bestia, Binx, & your new kittens!
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Thanks for your best wishes everyone! I'm just glad I had my camera's batteries weren't dead and was able to get such cute pics! lol.

Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
aww how cute. are they going to be long hairs?
I have no idea! I don't know what mommy or daddy look like. I'm pretty sure that the black kitten is a short-hair, but I'm not too sure about the white kitten. I guess I'll have to wait and see.
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That is incredible. He looks so happy taking care of them. Do you think his young age might be a reason as to why he has warmed to the kitten so fast? Or is it something that just depends on the individual cat?
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To be honest, I don't know WHY he likes the kittens!

He's always been very aggressive towards other animals that he doesn't now, especially cats. I think he just likes em cause they smell like kitten formula, rofl!

At first I was worried because he kept "biting" them, but it turns out that he was just mouthing them, he wasn't actually applying any pressure. I think he just wanted them to hold still, lol.

I think he's going to REALLY love it when they are old enough to play back. He's such a playful kitty!
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OMG..that is so precious...amazing how great he is with them!!!
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