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Hello! and Moving Blues

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Hi! I'm new to this site, but so far like it very much.
My sweetie girl,Tidbit who is 11 yrs old and spayed flew with me from Al to Mi just 10 days ago. She had to be drugged for the flight. She has always been a little scaredy cat, often running for the safety of underneath the bed if friends with loud or otherwise distinctive sounding voices came by.She's also always been easily startled-just like her momma(me)

She spends the majority of her time under my bed now. I try to coax her out several times during the day, which she may or may not give me the pleasure of joining me. At last, when I go to bed at night, she'll join me as she did in the good ol'days.But an hour or so B4 dawn she's back down under.
We moved from a tiny 1 bdrm trailer in Al to a 4 bdrm rather large colonial house(my Dad's), so I know she's overwhelmed by the size of her new living space, although, she's not ventured much past the door to my bedroom so far. Her eating and water drinking are improving. Her potty habits are pretty much normal-thank heavens!
Any idea's of how I can encourage her to accept our new surroundings and/or stop myself from feeling I've permanently scarred and scared her emotionally?
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I don't think you have anything to worry about. Like you said, you totally changed her environment and she needs time to adjust. Right now your bedroom is her 'safe' place so she will probably hang out there for awhile.

Also, because she is older she may take longer than say a kitten to start investigating her surroundings. You may want to get her favourite toys or treats and place them away from the bed. She will then venture out and see that no harm will come to her. Give her lots of love and praise when she does start to come out to comfort her in her new surroundings.

As long as she is eating,drinking and using the litterbox she is fine. She just has to adjust on her own schedule.

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Kassandra has about got it right. Let Tidbit adjust in her own time. Don't rush her, but maybe help by rubbing her scent a little further out from the room she's in so the big outside world smells familiar.

I'd also like to add a huge welcome to you and Tidbit, and hope you both stick around for a while for chat and cat info exchange.

Oh - and a piccie would be cool . . .
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Hey Yola and Russian Blue! Thanks for your reply so fast! I was feeling SO much better about my "kiddy" after hearing from you both! I guess I'm too impatient & just want Tid to fit in around here as much as possible. I can't get on the 'puter as much as I'd like, cuz my dad accuses me of running away from reality whenever I get on line! Sometimes, I'm not so sure moving back was such a good idea.It only makes it worse when I feel I've also ruined my cat's life. I SO wish she'd go back to her usual self. Just gotta give her time!
Oh, I'll be able to post a pic when that time arrives, till then:
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