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Waiting for kittens, but not the type you may think

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Even though this is a cat site, I thought I might post a journal for my rabbit Delilah who is due to give birth to her kits in a week or so.

I'm so excited!

Lately she's been chewing and demolishing everything making it into her nest, and she is certantly (sp?) feeling a bit fat than usual.

Along with the preperation of babies she has been making her boyfriend Carrot feel better after his neutering I'm sure he don't need to be reminded bymaking him a comfy bed full of towels and literally burying him in them!
Unfortunatly they'll have to part soon so I'm sure they wont be looking forward to that.
But eventually hopefully in 8weeks or so they will be reunited and no more rabbit babies.

I was afraid that if I didn't share this I would explode with excitement
although I know to expect to be disappointed, we're all prepared so hopefully things will go smoothly, she has however been a terrific mum to be!!!
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Oh cool - what kind of rabbit do you have? I used to breed Dutch rabbits (full size) for pets. We had some nice babies. Mom was one of the best marked Dutch I've seen
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I'm not entirely sure what breed they are, I got Carrot from the animal shelter and Delilah was a stray who was given to us.

possibly rex, but who knows.
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Can you post some pictures?
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I love rabbits, we have siamese looking one , my husband saved him from being eaten, A co-worker of his bought him for supper
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if you arent sure about delivery and stuff

look at this site
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Carrot is on the left, Delilah hiding behind him
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Carrot looks like he's part Dutch, I don't think mommy is a rex though. Most likely a mixed breed dwarf. Rex's head are much smaller, and there fur is very short and thick. It feels almost like velvet. She could have some rex in her somewhere though. I had a few rabbits a while ago that were part Californian, part rex, and they looked very similar, only they were a little bigger.
Good luck with the kits. Watch for any runts, you may need to hand feed one of them. We had to hand feed one kit out of each of the litters we had (took in a few strays that were pregnant a while ago). You can just use KMR, or the homemade version.
Also, be very careful because most rabbits become VERY aggressive once they give birth. I had to handle ours with rabies gloves and a leather jacket, lol.
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Yeah, I agree that Carrot is a Dutch or part Dutch anyway. But Delilah doesn't look rex to me - at least not full rex - I've seen the coats; even in pictures rex rabbits have a "different" look to the coats unlike any other rabbit.

I do hope Carrot is NOT in the same pen as mom cause she will kill her babies cause he's in there. Unless she trusts you totally, you too should not bother the babies as she can kill them.
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don't worry, I only popped him in there to get him to eat, which he did.

all seperated and ready to go!

I'm not all familiar with categoring rabbits, they're all just rabbits to me, so thanks for the info, 'tis very helpful.
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I had a full size Dutch and my son had a mini Rex. I don't know all the breeds, but am familiar with some. Was at our state fair a week ago, and saw some gorgeous marked black/white Dutch babies...made me wish I had one
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she's been pulling out her fur!!!!

had a slight problem with coordenation, but hopefully it'll settle itself out.

soooo excited!
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Yep won't be long now if she's lining the nest - do you have a "nesting box" that is secure for her?
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What a long but exciting day!

First of all, mum woke me up around 7am telling me that Delilah was pulling out her fur (which means she will have here babies any day, or any hour).
and she was at it all day and I was working outside mostly building an emergency hutch for Carrot which I finished yay!
and within breaks I came up to check on her and then suddenly she just would budge from her nest and starting making 'pushy' motions and such and before you know it, we have kits!
No head count yet, although I attempted to see if any of them had died, gently pulling out the box and as I did, one wiggly little grey kit came rolling out, but I quickly and carefully put him/her back in the box covering it with fur.
poor little thing, must have gotten a heartattack, same with me!!
but I can hear them rustling around wiggling away.
The one that rolled out looked very healthy, formed properly, I'm hoping there's no runts or still borns.
am going to leave mum with her kits tonight and i'll check on them tomorrow.

I was quite surprised she had them during the day!
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the nest before the babies.

and after the birth.

obviously you can't see them cause they're hidden and basically the same colour as all the fur.

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They can't be the color of the fur, as newborn rabbits are naked - but maybe the skin color is darker

Was cool with the dutch rabbits cause you had black and pink skin till the fur grew in
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the one that rolled out was completely grey, naked of course, but still the colour of the fur that had been pulled out.
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The black color would be a darkish grey skin...can't wait for baby bunny pics when they come out of the nest. They grow fast too
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hmm are you sure about that, cause I seen the other baby and it's skin was black

there are only two babies, yay!
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Awwww!! Baby bun buns!! Ya must post pics as they grow up.

Are ya keeping them?
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Well its possible to have a "blue" rabbit - the parents are both black, but could be carrying the blue as dilute/recessive. So you may have a surprise in there

My black/white dutch had dilute babies even when bred to a black/white. Mostly they were black/white tho. So apparently she was carrying dilute.

I bought a chocolate dutch and she had some really cool color babies.
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ooh, that's cool!

4 days old today and everyhting is going great! took some pics earlier today:

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I see a black/white and a blue - what are the other colors?
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Oh wow! The blue one is gorgeous!! I remember when I had 20 baby bunnies running around, lol. Keep an eye out for runts!! You don't want to lose any.
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Any updated on the baby bunnies???? Pictures???? They should have eyes open and starting to hop around by now
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I think these are the baby bunnies. She created a new thread.
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