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Advice on a very sick kitten

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Today was absolutely horrifying. My eight week old kitten Annikki came to me just a few days ago--she has an epic case of ringworm, so I was trying to at least stop the itching a bit with some Clotrimazole 1% until I could afford (time-wise and financially >< ) to take her to the vet. So, I got up this morning, went off for a few hours... checked on the kitten and she seemed fine. Eventually I got home, wrestled in a package, turned off the bloody smoke alarm which went off for gods know what reason, and once I finally got a moment to think about the little rug rat, I noticed that Annikki had collapsed on the floor not far from the doorway... and worse yet, she was having seizures.

I freaked out. I took her to the vet immediately, had bloodwork done, and my vet said the seizures were caused by acute anemia and very low glucose levels... I have never heard of this resulting in seizures (edit), but she seemed highly competent, and at any rate, Annikki wasn't lying in my arms like deadweight after administering some glucosamine and B12. She's very sick though... I have her on a special diet with liquid vitamin supplements every few hours... poor thing came home and drank like she'd gone days without water--after throwing up a few times. She's too weak to get up to use the litter box... I am just letting her lay on some blankets I wash for her, since she seems too tired to even notice if she's peeing. I think I will put her in the bathroom overnight since it's the smallest room, not only due to the lack of bodily control, but also because she keeps trying to follow me around the apartment, and I would like for her to wander around a minimal amount to conserve energy... starting sulphur-lime dips for the ringworm once she's regained her strength.

Blah, I'm so worried, what should I do?
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Oh my gosh! Poor thing! (Both you and the kitty.) I have no words of wisdom for you, but I did send you a message.

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Aw poor thing. Sounds like you'll be on the right track though.
Nutri-cal is a good thing to have on hand if you have a kitty that has a sugar crash like you described. Also good for kitties that won't eat as it's high calorie and supposed to be very palatable. I haven't found it to be the latter, but it has been very helpful for me with some sick, underweight kitties. You can get it from your vet and some online shops, even some pet stores. In an emergency situation a little Karo syrup is good to keep on hand as well. Just curious, what vitamin supplement did they give you? Something prescription, or something over the counter, like Pet-tinic?
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Actually Nutri-Cal is exactly what my vet gave me--that and Nutri-Ved vitamin B complex. I have her on 1 tsp. Hill's a/d wet food every four hours, plus the Nutri-Cal four times daily and the Nutri-Ved twice a day. At least, those are my instructions... she doesn't seem to have much of an appetite, so we forced some of the Nutri-Cal with an eyedropper and the vitamin B complex. I can't seem to get her to eat anything, but she's mostly slept since she got home. Luckily, I think the anemia was due to fleas, not poor nutrition, as her weight is quite healthy... as mentioned, I received this cat mere days ago, and I wasn't aware that her flea problem was so bad. Then again, her whole body is scaly with ringworm, which makes the fur a bit matted with the irritated skin, so it was pretty well impossible to see anything on her. Still feeling blessed to have the supplements for her, though.

Poor baby whines if I walk away from her for an instant--she cuddles up to my feet if I try to get up to do anything and refuses to move. But she climbed up the couch by herself--and up a pant leg, since I can't seem to convince her to stay still. So, she is improving... thanks for all the well wishing, I appreciate it!
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