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Worried about Sawyer

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Hello guys.

I've had Sawyer for almost a month and we couldn't be happier with him. But over the past few days I've noticed scratches and gashes on him. When I was petting him 3 days ago I looked in his ear and saw what looked like a scratch in the ear and it was about the size of a: . but it was noticeable. I told my husband to look at him and he said it was probably because he was scratching himself in the ear too hard. Just on Saturday I noticed above his eye that some fur was missing, and there was what looked like a scratch that had scabbed up. I told my husband to look at it again and he was like oh that's because he's scratching himself.

So I told him to cut his claws with clippers today. Well he went to do that and he said that his nails aren't long or sharp at all. And when I came home from work today right on his left ear where the ear meets the top of his head it looks like a red blood bubble. Well I told my husband to make an appointment tomorrow ASAP so we can see what's wrong with our poor cat.

I'm wondering if it could be fleas? But if it were fleas wouldn't we be having issues too? I had an episode with fleas working in an old warehouse, and it didn't take long for those suckers to bite me and I noticed those suckers right away. I'm really worried and tomorrow can't come soon enough so the vet can see what's wrong. It seems like every day a new gash or something is on him.
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Could be fleas or ear mites. Neither are fun for your cat, so I'm glad you're taking him to the vet. Another thought is allergies. Cats, like humans, have air borne allergies and it makes their ears itch. Ask the vet if that's a possibility. Keep us posted on his progress!

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So we took Sawyer to the Vet, and they don't know why he's scratching himself like he is. Since his bald/blood patch was so close to his eye the vet didn't do the skin scrape (I hope that is what it's called). But they did do a fungal culture so I guess we'll know if he has some fungal infection.

They also said it might be a food allergy. So we have to give him IVD rabbit flavored dry food. We have to stop feeding him the Fancy Feast, and the Wellness. So far he hasn't eaten but a few bites since we stopped feeding him FF wet and Wellness.

The worst thing is he is in an E-collar. He is miserable. My husband will not take it off because the Vet said it needs to be on for a week because he is scratching the top of his head raw, he cut his ear and above his eye. We also have to give him antibiotics for 2 weeks.

So far we are day 3 into a week of the collar. He is so depressed. He will not move from the couch, he just lays on the top of the couch, he'll venture into our room and will now sleep on my husband and lay on our bed. I really think he is so close to us because he wants that darn collar off.

We're going to take the collar off early if the sores on his head clear up. I'm just worried because he refuses to eat anything now. I left out the food so hopefully during the night he gets hungry enough to eat.
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