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Somehow I got assigned...

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to the topic of Pit Bulls!

Pit Bulls, evil, & monsters are the main focus. My prof gave me extra points(his reward system, I like it) for getting right to the point already when the discussion(it's online) opened today. I have painted the picture of why Pit Bulls are thought to be "monsters" & "evil"....then I painted the picture of how they get that way. People fear the unknown, and how many really know Pit Bulls, or do they know the killer beasts that seem to bo so common, not the gentle giants that are loved & well cared for?

Now I am on to tying in recreational drugs & aliens to Pit Bulls. This class is making me think, I like it! The class is the Nature of Evil in Literature.
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Pit Bulls is to Literature as Goldfish is to Arithmatic.

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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
Pit Bulls is to Literature as Goldfish is to Arithmatic.

I know! I think the professor is picking out various things that are considered "evil" in our times. He said he tries not to make the class too "old fogie" for us "hip young cats"! I imagine this guy looking like Willy Wonka!
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Well, it's about how things are needlessly demonized. If you look at the classic 'monsters' in literature, it's always something misunderstood and feared because it's different, and not really something to fear.

Just look at all the adaptations telling Grendel's side in Beowulf, or Frankenstein, or Benjy in The Sound and the Fury, etc.

Sounds like a fantastic assignment. I loved those.
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom View Post
Well, it's about how things are needlessly demonized.
You mean like women in religion?

Darn that Eve....
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This does sound like a fascinating class....but how do you tie in recreational drugs, aliens and pit bulls? Unless someone on drugs sees a pit bull and thinks he's an alien?

Or, am I completely missing the point? (I'm having a blond day so it wouldn't surprise me).
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Things that we fear often become kind of talismanic... illicit drug use is highly ritualized, children run up and touch houses deemed to be 'haunted' on dares, pit bulls are feared, people either have a cultlike belief in aliens and their activities on earth or they don't believe at all but still often enjoys shows like say the 400. It's mainly all that fear of the unknown that we turn into disgust or hatred. That feeling you get on Halloween.

I miss my lit classes
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People fear the unkown, which is how I tied Pit Bulls & Aliens together. Still trying to decide exactly how I want to tie Drugs & Pit Bulls together. Aliens & Drugs I went with the good old "Both alter mental state". Got a good "LOL" outta that from my prof.
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It might not be the direction that you're looking for, but the most common tie between drug use and pit bulls are image and money.
People can make several thousands from breeding, selling, and fighting their stock between several states. Drugs usually figure in as payments, etc.

As for aliens, if you meant illegal aliens it would have made sense.
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He means E.T. aliens....I already asked!
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Hmm, does possible insanity work as a reasonable tie?
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That sounds very interesting!!

Pit bulls RULE!!!
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I tossed out the fact that many drugs users are not in the right state of mind or are not thinking clearly, as are many who abuse Pit Bulls and make them the way they are. So yeah, sorta insanity!
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Sounds like a very , uh, interesting assignement you got there!! your arguments work for me!
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