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Savannah cats

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I wanted to introduce the website I host. http://www.SavannahCat.com.
This site is the home of the Savannah cat breed, a large spotted breed of domestic cat that looks like it's ancestor the exotic African serval cat.

I look forward to browsing through the messages on "TheCatSite".
All the best,
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I'm in love with Savannah's. I've been reading about them and following them for a couple of years.

Granted I'll never be able to afford one, but that's ok.

The sound like such a perfect cat for me however, and YES are they beautiful.
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Welcome to the site Patrick. You may want to put your website address into your signature so people see it every time you post. Just go into your User CP, click on Edit Options and you can create your signature there.

Feel free to jump into any of our discussions. We don't bite.
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Patrick! Welcome to The Cat Site!

I just quickly looked at your site, love the pic on the opening page of the baby savanna cats!

Very adorable. I'll investigate your site more when I get a chance.

Again, welcome!

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Welcome Patrick!

If you haven't already, check out our sister board www.meowhoo.com and list your cattery with all the rest. You are allowed one free listing if you have a cat-related website or business. Savannahs are such beautiful cats- no wonder they are called the exotic breed! Again welcome! I am looking forward to seeing pics of your cats on our boards, and in our Caption This Forum contest.
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We are considering getting a Savannah cat and cannot find a price on ANY website. How much do they run??? F1 female would be great!

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