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Quill was "Chopper."

He's not a biker kitty, and it just didn't suit him at all and I hate the name anyway. But he's learned his new name very well I think.
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Namine was "Madame Moment." Yea, we definitely weren't keeping that. Plus we already had her name picked out to "match" our other cat, Kairi.
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I big dog Rosie , was a rescue dog had no name
Sophie was named Fancy (yuk) a fluffy toy pom
the kids named our kitty "Lucky" because she's lucky I found her (she was abandoned as a newborn on my lawn)
all three of my adopted human children have the names their birth parents gave them
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Ox had a really odd name but it was 16 years ago so I don't remember it!!
Grizzlie's name is original and so is bobber (dad was tigger bob-both actually barn cats) and bobbers sibling my SIL names dusty bob.
Bakker's name was slash for the white slash of fur between his eyes (terrible name!!)
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Of the guys that were adopted, they all kept their pound names; I just added a jellicle tribe surname to them

Mischief became Mischief Mistoffolees
Trace became Trace Tumblebrutus
Peanut became Peanut Butterum
Sassy became Sassy Sasparilla

The rescues I gave a name to match either their appearance, their personality, or the circumstances around their rescue; and then still added a jellicle surname.

Hobo Skimbleshanks; because he rode into town on a freight train
Diva Etcetera D'Calico; boy is she ever
Blondie Rumpleteaser; because she is such a soft red that she looks blond
Freeway Carbuckety; 'cause I found him on the freeway
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Trent and Ophelia didn't have names before us.

Mojo was Mojo in the shelter, and no matter what I tried to change it to Earl didn't want to change it. That's OK, though...she's a Mojo, and we like to think of her being named after Mojo Jojo from The Powerpuff Girls. She is a silly monkey, after all.

Ginger was named by Eileen's cousin's children, and they did a very good job in naming her. Eileen just told me when we met at the TCS meet up in Ohio last month that her original name was Ginger Cookie Pillow (3 kids, 3 names - the youngest who was about 2 1/2, I think she said, did the Pillow part) Eileen dropped the "Pillow" to make her Ginger Cookie. And it definitely fits her - a pretty dilute calico with pretty Ginger markings, and she's sweet as a Cookie!
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Clyde Lee was Klee, for the painter...

Pearl Noelle was Garbo, for the sad-eyed, reclusive actress... probably because Pearl's eyes are just heart-melting.

Abby Helen was Mona Lisa...

Sassy Lane was Sissy, which probably means she had a brother named Bubba.

St. John Dundee was Bach, and he does seem to like music...

...and Dylan Ishmael... well, we didn't know it until we looked again through his adoption papers a couple of years later, but his name at the shelter was Harrison! We figure it was for Harrison Ford, which is perfect. Dylan really does have that same larger-than-life presence and authoritative attitude!
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The cats previous names were....

Reyah was Alice at the shelter.

Hera was Amber at the shelter.

Lucina was Lucy from her previous owner. Since she knows her name, we wanted to leave it, but had to find a way to incorporate it into the Greek theme we had going. Lucina fit, because I call her Lucy Luncina.

Thalia was Checkers by the lady who took in her pregnant mom.

Hecate didn't have a name when we took her in from the other lady who had taken in a pregnant mom.
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Raven was Daffy (as in Daffy Duck)
Nabu was Bugs (as in Bugs Bunny) and Samantha
Raven and Nabu's previous names were all picked by kids, and they didn't respond to any of them. They do however respond to Raven and Nabu.

Stimpy didn't have a name. Just a number.
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Forest was and is Forest. ( Really I have named a gazzillion cats...I don't need to name anymore. )

And Georgio & Armani are intake number 28456 & I took them into "Foster care" when I laid my eyes on them. They were still in stray holding two abandoned kittens. So I named them myself.

Now I just call both of them weirdo's. Cause that's what they are. I am sure if cat's could be commited, mine would.
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Horatio was "Squeeker" - I adopted him when he was 9 months old.

Yuki was "Lurleen" - I adopted her when she was just under a year.

Max was "Max" - I adopted him when he was 10 months old... he is still 10 months old He'll be a year old on 10/15
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I don't think we've renamed any of the cats!

Julius - got as an 8 week old kitten, named him Julius because he's orange

Spike - adopted him from the shelter with that name

Spunky - adopted him with that name from the rescue

Brady - named from the rescue

Amelia - she was a stray, she's the only girl, but you wouldn't know it, lol, she acts more manly than the boy cats. So we gave her a tough girly name, lol.

The dogs:

Honey - adopted her when she was 7 weeks old, my mom named her Honey because she's brown , however, she's such a sweetheart, so it does fit her now, lol, she was a terror as a puppy!

Cody - now him we did rename he was originally Wilson, from Denis the Menace, but we wanted to name him something to do with my fiance's truck, a Dodge Dakota, so we settled on Dakota, Cody for short. He answers great to it, so no worries.
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Smokie is now Beastie, Snagglepuss, Snugglepuss, Grumpelstilkin or Worf

As you can tell we can't seem to find something that sticks.

Frostie has officially been renamed as of last night. Princess Zagnut
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Lucia's name was Shine-On
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You can change there names???

Angel was named "Angel Soft" because she is white and soft like tissue..

Chestnut was named Chestnut, but I call her Chessy. I never thought about changing their names..
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post

Sassy Lane was Sissy, which probably means she had a brother named Bubba.
That's just way too funny! But probably true.

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Mellow was named.......Mellow lol, by the shelter, its funny because he really is quite crazy so I think someone thought they were being funny!

We were going to change his name, but even though he is crazy Mellow kinda suits him.
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Maverick was Maverick, and I kept the name the same for him b/c I thought it was cool, and he had a 'purr'-sonality like a maverick.

Winchester was Augustus Cesar (Gus for short), named by the people who rescued him after some threw him out of a car window. I thought he was a little "pistol," so I renamed him Winchester.

Geronimo was Lucifer. I'll admit he can be a little "demon" sometimes, but he's not "evil" (he just has "issues" ). I considered him more of a "warrior," so I chose the name Geronimo.

I don't recall Spencer's former name. he had one (given to him by the people who worked at my b/f's workplace), but it didn't fit him. He looked like a Spencer to me. I originally was gonna name him Caruso, but it just didn't seem to fit.

Gabriel was Griz: I have no idea why the humane society people named him that. To me he looked like a little "angel," so I called him Gabriel.

Those are the cats that I have now: the following are the cats I used to have, before they crossed over the Rainbow Bridge....

Shadow was Hector (YUK! - those people at the HS sure pick some real hookey names!), and Sterling was Baby (another HS name): he got his name b/c of his beautiful silver color.

Foxy was always Foxy (he was previously my sister's cat, and she named him). I never bothered to change it, b/c I thought he was "foxy."

I don't recall Damian former name, either. But it was another hookey one given to him by the HS people. I named him Damian, b/c he had just a touch of "evil" in him.

BuffPuff & Cheeto were always BuffPuff & Cheeto: they were given to me as kittens by my former landlord. BuffPuff looked like a little puff of fur, amd Cheeto was named Cheeto b/c of his orange color.

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We just got our new little Isaac from the SPCA yesterday - he's 4 months old and his shelter name was 'Skeeter 1'
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I forgot the dogs(I think)!

Macey was Macey.
Coco, we got from a "breeder". He informed my dad later that she was named Chicken
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One worker at PetsMart called my Angel, Mew.
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When I was volunteering at a humane society when I was around 12, there was this Egyptian Mau mix that the previous owner named Buckwheat. What kind of name was that?! (This was way before Harry Potter if you recognized the Buckwheat name.) I finally convinced someone to name it Tut after King Tut.
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Originally Posted by StacyD1987 View Post
When I was volunteering at a humane society when I was around 12, there was this Egyptian Mau mix that the previous owner named Buckwheat. What kind of name was that?! (This was way before Harry Potter if you recognized the Buckwheat name.) I finally convinced someone to name it Tut after King Tut.
"Buckwheat" reminds me of the old Little Rascals show that used to be on TV. Wasn't there a Buckwheat on that show?

Shows y'all how old I am!

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Stanley was "Stella" until someone noticed, um something that Stella shouldn't have, so they named him "Romeo"--I can understand it, he is a love bug...but he's also a Stanley

Bella was "Tiger Cat"...oh, the indignity
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