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What was your Pre-Adoption name?

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Puff was Elexis before I adopted him. I thought it sounded like a girls name.
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Ginger was "Jangles," which I HATED. I think she did too, since she sent me her current name telepathically after I took her home with me.

Penny is formally known as Tigris Picassos Penchant, Penny for short. I'm not changing it, she is as pretty as a bright & shiny new copper penny.

And Ferris was named Ferris by his foster family. I liked it, I kept it. He is TOTALLY a Ferris.
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Mica was Gilbert (long story)
Mala was Momo.
And Sam was a stray, so I don't know his previous name
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Levi was Orion
Jordan was Grover
Isaac was Fitzgerald
Maggie was Tango
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Tonka was Max... I didn't think it fit his personality so I changed it
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Bayley was Luna... didn't fit him at all! He's DEFINATELY a Bayley!

Harley was... nothing! He didn't have a name when we got him
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Zoey was Darla

Gidget was Gidget she is a Gigi

Patsy leah was Nikita
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Our cat Snowball used to be Orion...but that name just didn't fit him. Hes a big Snowball!
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Sassy has always been Sassy because they hadn't given him a name at the shelter before I adopted him..He was grey kitten #4.

Linus was Baxter which was an okay name because he sort of does look like a Baxter, however the day I brought him home he hide under the blanket in his cat carrier and refused to come out for several hours...my first conversation with him was something like, "your just like Linus with your security blanket " and from that moment on he was Linus, or Linny for short.
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Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds was Rocky. Now, I have no idea what his foster Meowmy was thinking, but in no way was he a Rocky.
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None of mine had names before I got them.
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Our bengals have been through 2 name changes since their original owner named them, and then the foster mom called them something else because the first names didn't fit them, and then we renamed them (well, only slightly in one case. They were originally Yin and Yang, and I have no idea which was which. Then the boy became Raj, which we changed to Rajah (technically Thundering Rajah, but we've not sent those papers in yet) and the girl became Precious and we changed it to Tigerlily (Lily for short - formal name is Dancing Tigerlily, but we've not send the papers in).

Eliza has always been Eliza since I met her only a few hours after her birth to the pregnent stray that showed up at my mom's house. Her full name (not pedigreed of course, but we think cats deserve a very formal name) is Elizah Doolittle.

Our dear Penni was also always Penni, but her full name was Penelope Von Bentwhisker. Another former cat was Jeanette when I adopted her, but I changed that to Jenni-fur Marie Van Bentwhisker, or Jenni for short.
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Riley's name at the rescue was Toby but I didn't think it suited him.
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Nollee was Princess (no thanks... too common)
Osiris was Oscar (had to make the change on that one...)
Tiger is and always has been Tiger...
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Fosters (dog)was origionally "Noah" - he was found wondering on a street called "noah lane" not too far from where we live now. Colin named him Fosters after the Australian beer because he said "well he's an australian shepherd- he should have an australian sounding name" - someone please tell him these dogs are from America

Whiskey (dog) was origionally "Digger" - uhhh i HATED that name! I changed his name to Whiskey because we kind of had an "alcohol" theme going on with Fosters name Funny thing is we don't drink much at all.

Velvet was origionally "Topsy"

Kojak - i had him since he was a baby- i origionally named him "Kolar" but my family hated that name so Colin changed it to Kojak - like the lollipop detective

Jasmine was origionally named Jasmine -then her first owners changed it to "Mia" when they adopted her. When she was brought back to the rescue- they didn't tell us that so I started calling her Jasmine thinking i was calling her by the name she knew. So she goes by Jasmine now.

Isabella- i named her myself.
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I seriously just remembered this.
My friends that found Zissou and kept her only a day or so were calling her "Killa". LOL
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Ophelia was Lola.
Dorian Grey was Chico.
Molly was Molly
The others I named.
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I don't know what Chynna's name was before she adopted me. I left Abby with the name she was given by her foster meowmy.
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My parents sort of adopted (long story) my grandmother's cat when she moved. She named him "Mister Black" which we all hated. We wanted to change it, but we never got around to teaching him a new name. So he crossed the bridge as "Mister Black"
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JoJo was Butterscotch. Now, I hate butterscotch flavoring in anything... blech. So i took her home and it took over a week before i figured out her name... still don't know why it became JoJo, but oh well!

Jack was Aaron at the rescue. It really didn't fit. My original plan was to name him Josh/Joshua... (Grobanite here, shush) but the ladies said they'd given him a nickname of JackRabbit. He leaps, from sitting, no butt-wiggle, nothing. He can get a good 6-8 feet out too, before landing. the name stuck... but i took Rabbit off... and it still works with the Grobanite reference... his father's name is Jack.

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Hmmm I've only adopted a few and none had names. Mitten (my first cat) - I'm sure he had a name but he was a stray so we don't know. The other two I adopted from the shelter were kittens and had no names; so I got to name them Raggy Ann (brown patched tabby) and Reds (red mctabby/white). The rest were either cats we kept from the barn and named them or pedigree ones we got to name.

Now our lab - she's had 3-4 names (original name, shelter name, 2nd owner name, and her present name). She was named Grace by the shelter, Angel by the 2nd owner, and Keno by us
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Mittens didn't have a name

Cassy's name was Cass (on her collar)

My dog's name was Moses, it's Sheppy now, he's half chow/half Shetland.

Sorry, I had to mention him, he's been having issues lately because I've been giving the 'girls' ALL the attention lately--
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Alfie was Berry, they named the whole litter of kittens after top brand names and Berry comes from burberry!!!
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We kept Oreo's name when we adopted her. We thought it fit (especially after she put some weight on and is now double stuffed Oreo) . Our newest addition was called Astro at the shelter. I could not get over the fact that the Jetson's dog was named that We re-named him Jazz.
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Scratch most likely didn't have a name (she was from a farm with 43982874 cats) and Squee was Kitty.
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Neither Löki nor Jacob had names previously!
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Luna - no prior name
Patches was Patches
Beauty was Sleeping Beauty (just shorten it)
Whitey was Mickey.
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Tom was Jack. His sister was named Jill.

Emma was named Emma from the moment I met her. I didn't pick her name, I just knew it. I don't really know how to explain that... Her previous owners didn't even COUNT all the kittens or remember their ages, much less name them. Same with Chili. I was never quite happy with our Chili Pepper's name... couldn't figure out the right one. I literally went through HUNDREDS and still couldn't find the right one. Last month I had that same.. sort of, knowing that I felt with Emma the second I picked her up.. *sigh* Why couldn't I have figured out the right name for her then? Yeesh. I can't even change it now.

Midnight was named Midnight by the 9 year old girl whose grandparents owned him. I loathe the name, but since that's what everyone knows him as, I guess it has to stay. But I shortened his name to Middie--that fits him just fine.
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Opie was "Garfield" - SUCH a cliche. Since he is a mischievous redhead, I re-christened him. Rowdy didn't have a name but she quickly EARNED one. Buddy's name suits him and I let him keep it.
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I can only assume that the people who surrendered him to the shelter thought he was a girl but never changed his name when they had him neutered instead of spayed.
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