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Water fountains

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Has anyone used those water fountains? My cat likes running water and I think I will get her one but I don't know which one. Thanks, Becky Alvarez
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I use the Fresh Flow fountain by Petmate. My cats like it alot. It is a quiet fountain, really is just pumps the water in a continuous flow, so there is water movement, but no noise. There is a filter in it too, so the water is nice and clean for kitties. I recommend them.

BTW, welcome to the board Becky!
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I use the petwell drinking fountain. Although I am thinking about getting the one that luv those paws has just for a change. Mine still go for the faucet in the am but otherwise they drink out of that. It too has a filter and is relatively quiet. it is just a personal decision I guess, they are both really good in my opinion.
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Here is a link to Drinkwell fountains http://www.vetventures.com/
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I have been using the Fresh Flow fountain which my kitties really love. I've been wondering about getting the Drinkwell fountain next time though because it's more like water streaming out of a water faucet which my younger kitty loves (in the bathroom sink every morning).
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Harry prefers the Drinkwell because it's more like a fountain (I tried both brands). But, I'm not too sure about the quality of the Drinkwell. It often stops working and I have to pour the water out and tap the motor -- give it a little shake to get it going again.

The funny thing is, Harry will drink out of the drinkwell even when it's off, I think he likes the size of the water bowl -- it's pretty large. I read somewhere that cats don't like their whiskers to touch the sides of the bowl. So, with the Drinkwell, there's plenty of room for his long whiskers!
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That's interesting that you say you have to drain the water and tap the motor sometimes cause it stops working. The motor in my Fresh Flow doesn't stop working, but after I clean it, sometimes it won't circulate the water so that it doesn't come down the slide like it's supposed to and I then have to do kind of the same thing....drain it..put it back to gether piece by piece and refill it and then it magically flows properly.

Guess they're all prone to not work the best at all times.

That's also interesting about kitties not liking their wiskers to touch the edge of a bowl, makes sense!
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If you click on the link and scroll down you will see links for drinking fountains. I am partial to Stroller Falls- I just love the design of the cat head.

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I bought a Drinkwell fountain about a year and a half ago. Each time I clean the fountain I also clean the motor and I've never had any problems.
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Lorie D.

How exactly do you clean the motor? Just run water thru it, or do you do more than that?
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I use an extremely small aquarium brush (looks like a tiny bottle brush) with a small amount of soap on it to clean the motor. Then I very carefully run a small stream of water into the motor until all the soap has been rinsed out, and then I let the motor air-dry.
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I still have the instructions that came with the Drinkwell fountain.
This is what they say about caring for the motor:

"a. turn the bowl over and remove the motor from its cavity by slipping your finger into the indentation behind the motor and pulling that end of the motor out towards you so that it has turned a quarter of a turn.

b. now that the motor is unlocked it may be pulled out. If you find that difficult, you can push it out from the bowl side. (NOTE: To make removal easier, place a light coat of Vaseline around the rubber O ring before reinstalling.)

c. lift the impeller (the white "propeller") out of the motor. It should slide out easily with no resistance. Remove any hair tangled around it and wash it with the rest of the parts.

d. pour soapy water down inside the cavity in the motor and clean out with a small round bristle brush (obtained wherever aquarium supplies are sold). Rinse well and replace the impeller after it is cleaned."
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Ok great! Thanks for the info guys!
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