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Hmm let's see here...
1. I and currently training to be a vet
2. I can play 5 instruments
3. I am fluent in English and German
4. I have 3 cats
5. My favorite band of all time is Dream Theater but I like most kinds of music
6. It's not uncommon for me to read a biology or chemistry textbook in my spare time
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1. I love most foods especially Chinese, homemade mac and cheese, pizza, chocolate, seafood, and sweets.

2. I am very dedicated at volunteering at the shelter.

3. I am very dependable. you can always count on me to be there.

4. I am very sensitive and take a lot of things personally.

5. I am not always patient with people; but I am very patient with animals.

6. I have a good personality and I am honest.

7. I quit smoking cigarettes about 3 years ago.

8. I have never been drunk in my life; I have been buzzed though.

9. I am a great speller although I had such a hard time spelling schnauzer a lot.

10. I type really fast.

11. I am easy to get along with but will not get along with you if you dump your animals, neglect them, or abuse them. same goes for kids. I am a very forgiveful person and don't hold grudges but will choose not to speak to you if you do any of the above.

12. I never want kids, they aren't for me. I love them but will never have them. I would foster a kid though if I had to get them out of a bad situation.

13. I watch movies over and over again if I like the movies like Just like Heaven, Take the lead, man of the house with tommy lee jones, step up, homeward bound 1 and 2.

14. I am a pushover when it comes to kids or animals but I can be strict with them if I have to.

that's all for now I think.
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post

8. I have never been drunk in my life; I have been buzzed though.
Its no fun!! You're not missing anything but embarrassment!!
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Ten things about me:

1) I work as a court-appointed psychological evaluator. I am in the process of completing my Ph.D. in forensic psychology.
2) I've been a vegetarian since January 1992
3) I collect vintage clothes and go-go boots from the 60's
4) I am addicted to estate sales and antique fairs
5) I love foreign and independent films
6) I collect vintage toys and dolls
7) I grew up in Los Angeles (born in Santa Monica, CA)
8) My neighbor was Gary Coleman when I was a child living in L.A.
9) I love tabbies (classic tabbies especially)
10) My favorite holiday is Halloween
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I don't have anything really interesting to say about myself....but I'll try to come up with something. I think I'm rather boring next to most people.

1- My favourite foods in the world are Mashed Potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, and anything chocolate, especially dark chocolate.

2- I collect My Little Pony's

3- I collect Kiss (the rock band Kiss) Memorabilia

4- For years the only mode of transportation I had was a motorcycle.

5-Horses and cats are my favourite animals.

6- I love the smell of diesel fuel.

7- I got cable TV, just so I could watch "Dog, the Bounty Hunter"

8-I was born in San Diego (La Mesa), CA, and I now live in Los Angeles, although my dream is to live in New York City.

9-I get anxiety attacks when I'm out in the country or the wilderness.

10- I don't like driving on the freeway, and the only time you'd get me to drive on the freeway, would be if my life depended on it.

11- I'm a good loyal friend, who would stand behind a friend and for a friend until the end, but very few people give me the chance to prove it.
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1. I am a car girl - I have 4 cars and have worked on them for 11 years (although it is not my job).

2. I work in a chemistry laboratory, and enjoy it

3. I live with my fiance & his family ... and I'm 3 seconds away from meeting my wit's end!

4. I am cat obsessed. If there were a degree in "Cat", I would probably have acquired it by now.

5. I grew up in New Jersey, and am still 100% Jersey girl. If I could go back, I would in a heartbeat. I moved in 2004, right after my jr. year in HS was over - not by choice, either.

6. I've lived in Charleston, SC for two years now. I like it, but would love to go back to my hometown as stated above.

7. I'm highly interested in forensics and am a CourtTV addict when it comes to Forensic Files, Body of Evidence, and Power Privilege and Justice - although I doubt I will ever get into such a field.

8. I have a half sister who is 21 years older than me. A brother that is 2.5 years younger than me.

9. I will be marrying my amazing fiance in just under 5 months and cannot wait (Now if only I had a house of our own to go with that...). I met him on the internet in 2004 through a car message board.

10. I LOVE drag racing. The smell of VHT is the best smell in the entire world. Burnt rubber comes in a close second.

11. Road trips are my favorite type of "vacation". We are very spontaneous sometimes when it comes to road trips. I found out at 6pm one night that we would be driving to Indiana around 1am to pick up a car, and head halfway back the same night.
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I'll try to give this a shot......

I have 6 kitties & a female Pug, I got in Jan. 07. My fur children names are Joann, BB, Molly, KoKo, Lola, Lily and Tinkerbelle is the Pug.

I like being alone in my house. My new house this April 07! I love, love, love it here!

I love aromatherapy. I think they put me in different moods.
Just my perfumes or jasmine potpourri, etc...

I am somewhat a free spirit at times in a old hippy way.

I love the crime shows, and
Psychic Detectives, HGTV, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & sisters, ..........

I make one heck of a good homemade pizza, have for several years wanted a pizza shop.

I am married for the 3rd time. Finally a good one!! Married in Vegas in May 2000.

I have 2 grown kids, Jake 26, Jenny 24, and I have an 8 yr. old grandson name Noah.

I had a 2000 red 5-spd Mustang for almost 2 years that was my favorite car.

I am an umemployed Certified Pharmacy Technician. (CPhT)

I was picked on relentlessly in grade school. Still wanna go back and find them.

I LOVE yard sales and resale shoppes.

I have a few close friends here in Southwest Indiana. One since 3rd grade.
I'm 47, she turns 47 monday.

I love TCS friends too, they are always there when you need them!

Ok, Ok, I'll stop now.
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Here's me:

1. I am 22, living with my fiance, who I've been with for 4 and a half years and my cat Oscar, whose name fits him well since he IS a grouch

2. I want a puppy more than anyone could possibly imagine.....

3. My grandpa(dad's dad) passed away almost 8 years ago and I still have not had closure. He lived in AZ and I have not been to his grave. I cry at least once a week because I miss him so much. I was grandpa's little girl.

4. I am obsessed with anything pink and anything polka dot

5. My guilty pleasure is watching The Hills on MTV

6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Grey's Anatomy.

7. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE The Steelers and have since I was a little girl

8. My favorite movie is The Little Mermaid

9. I bite my nails until there is almost no nail left. I have tried to quit but if you are a nail biter as well, you know how hard it is

10. I drive a 2005 Silver Dodge Neon named Bella.

11. I have a Certified Dental Assistant working as a Preschool teacher right now. BUT I have an interview Thursday for an assisting job

12. I love garage sales.

13. Today is my 22nd birthday and I love my birthday as if I am a little kid again

14. I am a VERY picky eater

15. I have very few friends around here and I don't care because they are the best friends anyone could ask for

16. I can bake but can't cook.

That's it for now
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Hello everyone!

1. I live in Wales, and am quite patriotic
2. I have 2 kittens, blossom and rufus, and my precious daughter who is in heaven, she'd be 8 months tomorrow.
3. I love different cultures, and have been to Australia, S. America, and around Europe.
4. I LOVE reading, and am so lucky because......
5. I am a librarian!
6. I love rugby, come on Cymru!
7. I cant drive but wish I could.
8. I LOVE ALL music, and own 2 electric basses, one acoustic and a double bass.
9. I love my family so much, and love being an aunty, I have 1 nephew aged 10, two neices aged 9 and 13, and my little neice is just 7 months
11. I can speak basic Spanish and French, but cant speak Welsh
12. I love my computer!
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Well, lets see....

1) I'm a 31yr old stay-at-home Mom
2) I share my home with my husband, daughter, 4 dogs, and 5 cats (2 of which are fosters).
3) I enjoy writing, which I'm currently taking a class to enhance this, because I hope to turn it into a career.
4) I love reading, photography, art, and working with the animals.
5) I'm currently training one of our dogs to get her ready for obedience/rally obedience competition, and then she'll go on to train in agility.
6) I enjoy doing therapy visits at a local retirement home with one of our other dogs.
7) I love the outdoors.
8) My favorite food is Italian.
9) I'm a big music fan. I'm very versatile in my music choice, but I'm very picky when it comes to country, because that just isn't my preference. I'm a huge Linkin' Park, Metallica, and Godsmack fan. My mother was an enormous Elvis Presley fan, so, yes, I do like Elvis, as well.
10) I consider myself to be a very friendly and down to earth person, but I'm a strong believer in standing up for what is important to you. It takes a lot to upset me. I do tend to be quiet until I get to know someone, but then I can be a talker.
11) I tend to laugh when I'm nervous or stressed. My philosophy is when things get tough, you have three options...(1) cry (2) laugh (3) scream. I prefer to laugh.
12) Last thing....I'm a Leo and pretty true to their nature.

I guess that's all for now...think it's enough? Seriously, if you want to know more, just ask.
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this looks fun so lets give it a go ....

1. im a student at university studying adult nursing

2. i love to read, take long walks and of course spend time with my cats

3. i live in a town called chesterfield in england

4. my fav food is jacket potato's crisps and pizza (although i try to limit junk foods)

5. i have 1 brother, 1 sister and loads of extended family like cousins

6. i have been with ben for 4 years 2 months and 16 days, we met at school and got together just after.

7. my fav music is 'oldies' like rick astley, meatloaf and micheal bolton

8. my fav colour is pink

9. my bf and myself love to watch films and cuddle up at night with our fur babies.

10. my fav films are edward scissor hands, Armageddon, pay it forward and last of the mohicans.
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