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Tell us about yourself

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Okay I have done this before but I think its time again as we have new members. Okay what you do is you tell about 5 or more things about yourself and you can go past five most of us do. It just helps us all get to know each other better. And it can be silly stuff or anything really.

1. I love chinese food.

2. I have lived on a farm most of my life although we sold all but 12 acres of it last year.

3. I am a certified nurse's aide.

4. When I was in kindergarden they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I told them that I wanted to be a teenager.

5. I love music of all kinds but my favorites are country and southern or classic rock. But I like alot of other stuff too.

6. I love shopping and I am just as fine shopping for other people.

7. I am a very clumsy person I can't walk and chew gum at the same time.

8. and I am a chatterbox and a giggle box and I am very ticklish.

I think that's enough stuff for now.
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Hmmm...seeing as I'm pretty new, I'll participate:

1. I'm a student, looking into a Art-related Major

2. I've flown a plane

3. I'm a real music nut...love all of it!

4. But I can't play a musical instrument to save my life...

5. I've never travelled outside of the USA, but I really desire to.

6. My favorite number is 11

7. I would have a MILLION cats if I was allowed (but that's a given)

Annnd...I can't really think of anything else...
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1. I love chinese food too

2. I am a city girl through and through and my idea of getting back to nature is opening my apartment window

3. I am an RN, though because I'm off work sick I registered as currently non practicing to same some money

4. When I was in kindergarden I used to try and bride the teacher to get out of nap time. I went to morning class and what 6 year old wants to nap at 10am!

5. My favourite music is heavy metal (Metallica rules!!) but I like all music except "Rap". I'm also partial to foreign music such as Japanese, and I absolutely love Opera.

6. I absolutely HATE shopping.

7. I am very uncoordinated.

8. I only have one ticklish spot on me (Not telling! :P).

9. I love to fly, but wouldn't want to drive a plane

10. I don't play any instruments but have always wanted to learn the piano

11. I am terrified of water due to a drowning incident when I was about 10 years old.

12. I haven't done any real travelling. I would love to visit a place like Japan or Greece.. someplace steeped in history.

13. My favourite number is 3

14. I'm a chocoholic
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1. I love spaghetti
2. I enjoy drawing
3. I'm writing a novel at the moment
4. I have...er, eight cats
5. Even though I'm terrible at singing, I love to do it anyway
6. I go to online school
7. I like to go on TCS while I go to online school
8. I have double jointed shoulders

Hm, I think that's all I can think of for the moment.
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1. I'm a carb addict
2. I am "declawed" on my right hand index finger.
3. I enjoy going to movies by myself.
4. I can drive a forklift, but not a car.
5. I'm shy
6. I read a LOT, which leads to...
7. My favourite book of all time is Jane Eyre.
8. furry kitty tummies are so cute aren't they? (sorry got distracted)
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I'm sure I've particiapted in one or 2 or ten of these already but there's always something new

1. I love....well, food in general
2. I take in leukemia cats exclusively
3. At 29 I have gone back to college
4. I am divorced
5. I work 2 jobs, and have for almost my entire 20s
6. I believe that life should be taken one day at a time
7. I am currently using apple shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, body spray and deodarant! I like to layer
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1. I LOVE animals... Im always finding more cuddly creatures Id love to give homes to... but that would require a farm
2. I am a licensed Barber/Cosmetologist... I no longer work in a salon for health reasons.... I now sit on my tush as a receptionist/csr
3. My music variety is very wide... I love Industrial, Techno, Rock, Rap, Reggae, Country, Electronica, etc... Everything but whiney/blues/jazz genre's
4. I love racing cars... Though i no longer have a fast car that's running... I am a speed queen
5. I love going to the gun range and shooting hand guns... It is a great release
6. I played violin for almost 13 years and I would love to pick it up again
7. I love animals more than people. I would chose my pets over humans any day.
8. My style is broad... Ill go from casual to skater, skater to goth/industrial (rarely), and then to girly...
9. I have 12 piercings and 2 tat's... bout to take one of my piercings out cuz it has caused me serious trouble
10. I put ranch on everything (or salad cream thanks to my uk buddy)... I put it on pizza, chicken (fried of any kind), french fries, salad, pretzels... etc.
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1) We are proud to have 8 cats
2) We love colder weather
3) We love going on adventures
4) We enjoy photography & art
5) We watch a lot of TV
6) We love music that gets the adrenaline flowing
7) We both have sweet tooths
8) We are both nice but shy
9) We would never fly on a plane
10) We can't stop buying/making stuff for our cats
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A little about me......

1. I'm 22 and 4'10"

2. I like to chew on paper clips

3. I just got out of a 4 year relationship with my boyfriend. And it's the best thing I've done with my life so far.

4. I was actually held back in kindergarten because I was too short and they wanted me to develop with the other kids...

5. My eyes change from blue to green to gray depending upon my mood

6. I have a motorcycle

7. I love riding quads in the sand!

8. I love going to my dad's house in Rocky Point, Mexico.

9. I have 1 cat- PHX! He's a lynx point siamese mix. The love of my life.

10. I'm addicted to the show: Weeds
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1. My favorite food is Mexican.
2. I work as an office manager and have had the same job for 13 years.
3. I am the youngest in my family
4. I have both brown hair and eyes.
5. I am a trivia nut
6. My favorite color is purple
7. My favorite time of year is winter.
8. I have never been married and have no children.
9. My favorite candy is jelly belly jellybeans.
10. My favorite music is R&B
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1. I'm the oldest in my family. I'm 22, and I have 1 younger brother who's 18
2. I played soccer practically my whole life
3. My favorite type of music is country, punkish pop rock (i.e. Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco) and hip hop
4. I love the color pink, even though there is nothing "girly" about me
5. I love chocolate too much (esp with trying to go on somewhat of a diet)
6. I absolutely cant stand winter
7. I miss my friends from college, and I wish I could go back to those times
8. I have 2 cousins, 7 and 7 months, who mean the absolute world to me. I wish I could see them more, they live in Connecticut.
9. I am ADDICTED to Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, The Hills, and Big Brother.
10. I've swam with dolphins at Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida.
11. I collect Charming Tails figurines.
12. I love all the Harry Potter movies and books
13. I am NOT a morning person.
14. I drive a 2005 Hyundai Elantra which I love

Okay, that's about it for now
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1. I love seafood!
2. I listen to music that would drive most people crazy...
3. I'm an artist. My specialty is portraits of people & animals.
4. I work in a sheetmetal fabrication shop as a silkscreener. If you need an instrument panel for your Apache helicopter or flight simulator, let me know!
5. I'm a reserved, conservative type of person.
6. I'm originally from a small steel town in Western PA & could see the mill that my Grandfather worked in all of his life from my bedroom window. We moved to Florida after he passed away in 84.
7. I am a tomboy & prefer the guy things, not a girly girl at all. Not into shopping or fancy clothes, or shoes, or afternoons at the spa or hairdresser, or even jewelry. I'd rather watch football or go 4 wheelin!
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1. I like simple things
2. I talk to myself...and sometimes answer!
3. I love to eat any kind of food!
4. I have always wanted to be a flight attendant. (im a paralegal)
5. I love stormy days
6. I am the youngest of 3 older sisters
7. I HATE cold weather
8. My favorite color is purple
9. I love old people
10. I am very clumsy
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Ok...Hmmmm, let's see.....

1) I've always been a tomboy and I'm proud of being 5 ft 10.
2) I'd love to live in the late 1800's
3) My dream is to own a ranch and raise quarter horses (ain't gonna happen,tho)
4) I am the proud momma of two gorgeous daughters, one of who is a "little person" and of course my 3 furbabies and the stray I take care of.
5) I'm fascinated with graveyards
6) Horses and violent thunderstorms are my passsion
7) When I was little, I'd go in the back yard and pour dirt on my head after Mom finshed washing my hair!
8) I have ugly toes
9) I usually do my own major repairs on my vehicles, but only when I have one of the older models
10) I started riding my grandpa's huge Percheron mare while he plowed fields, when I was only 18 months old and I still remember it!
11) Worms teetotally freak me out!!
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I love pasta foods
I have a silly personality
I'm close to my mom
I like frogs
I like scary movies.
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Ok, I'm really new here, so I'll give this a try.

1. I also love food. When I was a kid, my dad taught me to think of eating as an adventure.

2. As a result, I have a weight problem that I'm a little self-conscious of.

3. I really don't like to fly.

4. I'm tone deaf. As a child, I loved to sing and thought I was pretty good, until I had to get up in front of my class and sing a song. Everyone laughed. I'm told that I could probably use my singing in a comedy act, but I'd get stage fright.

5. I'm addicted to playing World of Warcraft.

6. I'm a video editor, but I also do decorative painting.

7. I love most animals. I can watch violent movies with people getting killed with no problems. But if an animal gets hurt on screen, I can't watch it.

8. I have a dog that's been going to school for 1 1/2 years now, and he has more of a social life than we do.

9. In a period of 8 months, we lost 2 cats and a dog. All of them were due to age-related causes. The cats were 20 and 19, and the dog was 12. So they didn't come as a surprise, but it was still a devastating time for my husband and me. Penny is still only 8, and our dog Toby is 19 months, so hopefully they'll be with us a good long time.
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1. I got married over the summer.
2. I'm a teacher.
3. My favorite shows are CSI, L&O SVU, and Prison Break.
4. I also love reruns, especially I Love Lucy.
5. I love going to the beach.
6. I love to run.
7. I'm a "health nut".
8. My favorite type of food is mexican.
9. I love tea..black with a little sugar.
10. I love to travel.
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1) I am married to the guy I've dated since I was 16
2) I love ALL animals, the other day I moved a snake out of the road so it wouldn't get ran over! That counts as an animal right??
3) I am very ditzy and girly, but I don't mind getting dirty or doing gross stuff, like cleaning up barf lol
4) I love Italian and Mexican food
5) I can't stand people that are in a bad mood all the time
6) I love love love my family even though we are soooo dysfunctional
7) I am a housewife, but it is hard work!
8) I can shoot a gun, quite well
9) I like to cook
10) I am addicted to any true-crime shows, like Forensic Files
11) I am in college to be an elementary teacher but I really want to be a Mortician!
12) I can not and do not dance
13) I wanted to be a go go dancer when I was younger
14) I am the eldest of three, and my Dad just made us another one, so in a few months I'll be the oldest of 4
15) I am very friendly, I am even friends with my husbands ex, I don't care what people think... I like her!

I'm way past 5 so I'll stop there!
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1. I have 5 cats, 1 bunny, 2 gerbils, 2 mice (meaning i love all animals )
2. I'm a vegetarian
3. I'm very silly and tend to have boy sence of humor
4. I'm scarily intuitive
5. I love yoga but don't do enough
6. I'm 5'2...ok 5 1 1/2
7. I love art
7. I am trying to get back to school
8. I groomed dogs for 1 1/2 yrs and hurt my back
9. I'm hungry
10. I am currently working in a health food store and have to cut meat while being a veggie and I don't like it not one bit!!!!
11. I may have a new job lined up at a pottery store!!!!
12.....I won't burden you with anymore!!!
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Originally Posted by Mrs.Harris View Post
11) I am in college to be an elementary teacher but I really want to be a Mortician!
Do you really?? How interesting! I've always had a morbid curiosity about a morticians' job....but never had the nerve to research it!! It's a kind of want to know, but afraid to know situation.
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Originally Posted by ladycat View Post
3. I'm very silly and tend to have boy sence of humor
Now that's one I can relate to!!
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Ok I'll participate
Ok lets see...
1) I am a girly girl when it comes to most things
2) I am an urban explorer
3) I am a band dork! I am sitting here watching the DCI finals as I type. I was president my senior year, its how I met my boyfriend, and I will always go competitions just to scream for my Patriot Regiment.
4) I can play alto sax, a little baritone, piano, and I can try to BS my way on some
5) I want a tattoo, but cant decide on one.
6) I LOVE custom cars
7) I drive with my radio loud and my windows down.
8) I LOVE great danes, and would love to show them and breed them.
9) I have the greatest boyfriend ever and want to spend the rest of my life with him.
10) I want to be a famous interior designer.
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1) I lost my dad 2 1/2 yrs ago(will be 3 yrs in Oct) Would do anything to have him back!!

2) I have 2 children, ages 13 and 3, and a step son that is now living with us and he is 14.

3) I love all animals!

4) I love mexican food

5) I have had a c-section

6) I suffer from seasonal allergies

7) My favorite color is pink!!

8) I need to lose about 10 lbs
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Yes! I want to be a medical examiner actually, the person that performs the autopsies. I think it would be a job I could never get bored with, but it takes forever and it can be very sad at times!
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Hum a bit about me....

1. I study history in my spare time. Mostly womens studies but all civilizations will work.

2. I don't have a strong reading ability, witch makes my first love of history hard but have a supporive DH who reads everything with me and helps me to understand.

3. My favorite all time food is pasta, prepaired any way.

4. I have a family curse. The first born is always a girl and is always given up for adoption, for very good reasons. I am the fourth in a row.

5. I found my birth mom 2 years ago after searching online for 15 minuets. She informed me of the "curse".

6. My favorite color is pink but I can not stand yellow.

7. I love skateboarding.

8. I am helping DH start a skate company.

Thats it for now, more in a bit.
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1) I like doing most things alone
2) I like night better than day
3) I love thunderstorms
4) I love football
5) I faithfully use coupons
6) I camp out in front of stores for Black Friday shopping
7) I hate strawberries!
8) I got braces on my teeth when I was 24 years old
9) I am intrigued with the paranormal
10) I love anything about the Old West and I collect Louis L'Amour books
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I'm new and have been yapping away on the forum, so I suppose it wouldn't hurt to answer:

1. I'm 24, divorced (yeah, I know), living with a wonderful boyfriend, two cats, and a ferret in Arlington, VA.
2. I love that I live in Arlington. I can drive two minutes and be at the cemetary, a few more minutes and be at the Smithsonian museums and memorials. I always lived in the country my entire life (except for a 3-year stint in Okinawa "back in the day" before the American military families had cable, internet access, etc.), so I am constantly amazed at city life. The other day, I was honestly flabbergasted that I was able to get in my car, run to Target, spend entirely too long buying another litter box and some smelly food for the sick cat, and be back in my apartment in exactly 30 minutes. Where I come from, 30 minutes is how long it takes to get anywhere (like a gas station - not shopping), at a minimum. I'm still a country girl at heart and don't see myself living this close to everything for the long term, but I'm happy to be experiencing it. When I was a kid, I always said I was moving to a huge city for a year or two. I love that I can walk to bars, restaurants, a library, etc. I love that I can jump in the car and be swiping my credit card for Wellness, Evo, etc. in five minutes flat. I used to make my poor ex-husband drive over an hour to buy cat food with me, LOL.
3. I am a food freak. Luckily, Dave is, too. He was overweight when he was a teenager (in very good shape now), so he's the most neurotic man I've ever seen about food, but he still loves to cook and eat. We cook together most nights of the week.
4. I'm absurdly conservative or a tie-dyed hippie, depending on who you ask.
5. I hate shopping. I hate accessories. I hate jewelry. Well, I don't so much hate accessories and jewelry as I hate buying them, keeping track of them, and maintaining them. Literally, the only piece of jewelry that has survived my abuse is an emerald ring my mom bought for me when I turned eighteen. It survives by living on the windowsill above her kitchen sink. I don't know why she leaves it there (maybe it reminds her of me?), but I refuse to take it so I won't lose it.
6. If you haven't noticed, "brevity" is not my middle name.
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well here's some more stuff
I just rescently got my drivers liscences and I am so proud.
2. I like to drive with my windows down too and my radio up.
4. I love mexican food
5, I love roses especially two tones
6. I love to sleep when its raining.
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I'm not really new, but don't think I've done one of these..

1. I'm 31 (will be 32 in November), and 5'2"
2. I'm a mommy to a 5 year old daughter just started Kingergarten.
3. I am married for almost 6 years, we met in an online chat room.
4. I am almost done with my bachelor's degree, doing electives online.
5. We have two cats, Chessy, and Angel whom I love
6. We have two dogs, Spike and Sheba, Rotti Rescues, whom we love!
7. I just had Gastric Bypass Surgery in March, and have lost 111 lbs, still need to lose 80 or so to be to goal weight.. Can't wait.
8. But I still love food, and hate it.. We have that kind of relationship
9. We love to go on vacation, we've been to Myrtle Beach,Disney, Holidayworld (all sooo fun)
10. I like night better then day also, and not a morning person at all
11. I also am very intrigued by the paranormal
12. My heart desire is to own my home, and get a yorkie (So bad)..
13. Also my heart desire is not to be so poor these days!!!
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Nothing too exciting about me, I'm afraid!

1. I have red hair.

2. I speak 6 languages.

3. I once rode an elephant bareback (no howdah to sit in)

4. I have 9 cats.

5. I used to be a historical reenactor; Colonial and Civil War, and made all of my own costumes, including the authentic corsets.

6. I had surgery in the ER while wearing one of the above authentic costumes!

7. My hobbies are: gardening, sewing, reenacting, cooking, and driving my husband crazy by constant cleaning; and organizing and labeling stuff around the house. In fact, I'm starting to drive MYSELF crazy by constant cleaning; and organizing and labeling stuff around the house...

8. I grew up next door to a farm, even though we lived in suburbia, and have milked cows (and foolishly walked barefoot in the pasture...you guessed it!)

9. I used to collect 1860's (original) photos of people, called CDV's ("cartes de visites" in French--used like calling cards). I have about 400.

10. I used to teach English to foreign-language speakers as a tutor (I LOVED doing that, even though it was for free!)

11. I once did a monthly, 5-minute spot on local cable TV for about a year or so.
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