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OMG I am so very sorry for Sarah and for Andrew I know there are no words to help so the best I can offer is a and to send some love and prayers their way.
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Oh no. Sarah and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Oh my, what a tragedy.

My heart is with her and her family during this time.

RIP sweet baby Joshua.
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My thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time
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Devastating. Nothing is worse than losing a child.

I've been thinking about her, and appreciate the information, as hard as it is to accept.

Great, great big hugs going out to Sarah and her family. I hope that they are able to cope with this tragic turn of events and that she will be back here with us as soon as she is strong enough.
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How tragic...there is nothing you can say to make it better, just send and
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How sad, there are no words.
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the news breaks my heart So sorry....
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Oh No!! My heart just breaks for you Sarah. May young Joshua rest with the angels.
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I don't know what to say either. I'm deeply sorry for their loss. Prayers for Sarah and Andrew.
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That is soo sad My heart and prayers go out to them right now. I can not imagine how hard of a time they must be going through right now.

My cousin went through the same exact thing about a year ago when they lost their little girl. They too had to do a C-section and get her out. My prayers go out to Sarah that she makes a quick recover from the c-section...i imagine she's in a lot of physical pain too My heart goes out to Sarah and her husband right now. I will continute to pray for them
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Oh no....My prayers and thoughts are with Sarah and Andrew and baby Joshua...Rest in Peace Sweet boy Heaven has another beautiful angel today
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I know nothing I say or do can help you right now. Please know that although I haven't been on tcs much, you have been on my mind & in my prayers often. I am deeply saddened for your loss, my heart just breaks for you right now... Please accept my condolences for your family... You all will be in my prayers now more than ever. I am SO very sorry for your loss. Sweet Joshua, may you rest comfortably in the arms of God... Bless you all Sarah, you have my love & best wishes...

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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
I'm so sorry to hear this. Such devastating news. My thoughts and prayers are with Andrew and Sarah.
there are no words for events & times like these... only & & are sufficient...
Andrew, Sarah & Joshua have them all from me...
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I just looked up the thread i started last year when my cousin lost her little one.

I know when I was asking other people's suggestions on things that might comfort my cousin and make her feel just a little pinch better- i recieved several wonderful suggestions from some of our sweet members. I hope i wouldn't offend if i posted the links...but maybe...it will help just a little so i thought it may be worth it. Sarah I am soo sorry sweetie.

Another member suggested this book when they learned about what happened to my cousin- so we went out and got it for her. She said that it really helped to know she wasn't Maybe that will be a little comforting?

These are also some other links some of the other TCS members provided. Maybe some of these would be appropriate.

Out of everything though- Christie said this is the one thing that helped her and her husband the most. http://www.babylosskit.com/resources.html

I remember when it happened that Christie said she wanted to celebrate her life and make it a positive thing...even though she didn't make it. So what she asked us to do was for our family to make a donation to St.Jude -so that's what we did. That way, it's done in her little one's memory...and even though she's no longer with us- her life is still celebrated in the best way possible- by helping others. So this year on the anniversary we made another donation in her memory and they sent my cousin a card to let her know- she said that ment a lot. Maybe that would be a good way for family/etc to celebrate his short little life in the womb. Just an idea if it may be something positive to help
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Sarah, Andrew, and little Joshua - you're all in my prayers. Many many for you to get through this difficult time.
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I am so sad to read of the loss of Joshua. May he reside in peace with the angels at the RB.
My condolences to Sarah and Andrew at this time.
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sarah, I am so sorry for you. i hope you and your husband can find the strength to grieve and feel better soon.
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and to Sarah and Andrew

RIP little Joshua
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I am so sorry for your terrible loss. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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oh how horrible- I'm so sorry for your loss. Joshua was such a loved and wanted baby. We are grieving along with you. RIP Joshua.
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Words fail me, Sarah. I'm so so sorry.
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What a heartbreaking loss....
My deepest sympathy to Sarah and Andrew for the loss of their little angel, Joshua.
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How horrible; I am so sorry, Sarah. You and Andrew, and baby Joshua will all be in my thoughts.

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Sarah I am so sorry to hear about baby Joshua.

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This is heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers are with Sarah and Andrew and their families to help them get through this difficult time.
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What terrible news My thoughts are with Sarah and her family at this sad time.
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That is terrible news and I am so sorry for Sarah and Andrew and all their family. There are no words to offer comfort at such a time, but I will keep them in my thoughts and hope that they find the strength to get through this tragedy and out the other side to a place of peace.
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thinking of you both at this tragic time, our prayers are with you both.
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OMG!!!!! I am at a loss for words.

My heart is heavy now.

I am so terribly sorry Sarah and Andrew.
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