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Kitten Having Feeding Issues

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I just got a Himalayan a few days ago and the woman I got the kitten from said that she was weened and litter trained. I'm finding out that she may have given me a kitten that was too young. The kitten is litter trained, but she seems rather small and wants to feed from another cat, not the milk that I've tried in a bowl or the water I give to her and my Bombay. The Bombay is a male and he doesn't seem to mind that whenever he lays down on his side the little kitten comes running to him and starts to latch onto this stomach.

I pull her away and put her by the bowls of water and milk and food, but if he's laying down she just runs back to him. He doesn't try to stop her from doing it though.

Is there a way to stop this? I don't want to have to give her back cause the woman I got the kitten from had 3 mother Himalayans all give birth at once and has more than she can handle what with being pregnant herself.

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How old was this kitten supposed to be? Sounds like she was not ready to leave and should have stayed longer. Kittens under 10-12 weeks old will still nurse - sometimes they grow out of the behavior, sometimes not.

IMO sounds like a backyard breeder with several pregnant cats and herself pregnant too. Good breeders plan things!

There's not a lot you can do - hopefully the kitten will eat better. Have you tried canned foods? The kitten should not be drinking cow's milk - so take that away and start feeding her canned/dry kitten food.
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They weren't trying to breed the cats, but it happened. They are pure Himalayans though and that's what I wanted. She couldn't keep track of which ones were what age though. They were all just a few weeks apart from each other in which mama cat had the kittens. I'm thinking she just got them mixed up when she brought them over. Cause they all basically looked the same. Just a bunch of little whitish puff balls running around meowing.

I wish my Bombay would make her stop or get up when she does that, but he just sits there and purrs. I think he likes it.

Guess I'll just have to pick up some kitten food or kitten milk replacement or something on my way home from work today.

Thank you for your help.

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Ask the vet how to use a baby bottle to feed the kitten and it might be more comfortable that way - then you can 'wean' him yourself when the time comes.
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Planned or not - its a backyard breeder - a good breeder KNOWS which kittens belong to which mother and keeps them separate...geez. I'd take the kitten to the vet to find out the true age and go from there.
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This town isn't really the place for people that breed cats knowingly. It's a tiny place in the middle of know where down south. But she said that the mother cats each had them within a week of each other...two of them just had them barely a few days apart. So she's either 7 weeks old or 6 weeks old...

I have no problem with kittens from people that don't watch their cats enough to know which one is which mother. Mainly because I know people around here just like to take good care of the animals, not care what breed or anything they are, just that they are in a good home and happy. My cat JiJi was from a litter of barn cats. I love stray cats, barn cats, and all those kind. Just my experience that they seem to be the nicest ones.

And there are no vets here. Nearest vet is an hour an a half away. I haven't even been able to get an appointment with him yet for my other cat JiJi (had him since he was 6 weeks old, he's 4 months old now) cause he's the only one around for so far.
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