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Rest In Peace Benji

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I haven't posted in a while, but I know how supportive everyone on TCS is so I figured I would post my memorial video for my Cat Benji who was struck and hit by a car on August 26th and we had been frantically searching for him for the past week - calling radio stations, the humane society, Vet College and even making flyers...We then got word from a neighbour that received a flyer that she had found him.

My fiance and I took in Benji as a stray who had been lurking around our friends house for a while last August. He had ear mites, fleas and possibly broken bones in his back legs when we took him to the vet. He was about 1 and a half years old and once he was thoroughly checked by the vet and healthy we took him into our home with our two Siamese cats, Simon & Ellie.

Benji was the light of my life, who would have thought a hobo cat could make waking up each day that more special. I never took Benji for granted, not even for one day. He had the top quality food, love and affection.

I am finding it very hard to cope with his death, I keep crying every 2 hours or so, hysterically sobbing.. and then I will be okay for an hour and then the cycle repeats all over again. Will this get easier? I keep wishing I could pet his soft fur, I can even smell his fur when I concentrate.. I just hope he didn't suffer and hope that I will be able to one day think back and smile for all the joy he brought to my life and not shed tears because he is gone.. He was the light of my life and I just don't know how I will carry on without him.

Please enjoy the video, what a special guy he was

Click HERE for video
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Benji was so lucky to have found you - you saved him from a rough life

At least you know you made him happy

Rest in Peace Benji
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Your love completed Benji and made his life wonderfully full!!

Your a wonderful person and you made such a difference in Benji's life!!

Beautiful Video,, and Rest in Peace Benji.. I hope your having fun playing with my Polly girl whom I lost a month ago..
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Oh my goodness that video has made me fill up

Play happily at the bridge Benji!

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Oh my....that boysure enjoyed the snow!! That was a beautiful tribute to that gorgeous fella. I''m so sorry for your loss. May you find comfort knowing he is running and playing over the bridge, watching over his family, Rest in peace Benji. *sniff*
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I am terribly sorry for your loss.

Benji is now watching over you!!
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I am so sorry for your loss of Benji
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My condolences for your tragic loss.

I am unable to watch the video at work, but will do so when I get home tonight.

Rest in peace sweet Benji
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Thanks for your condolences everyone, I am doing better this week, I made a really nice picture frame for the wall the holds 10 pictures and I am now able to look at the pictures and crack a smile instead of crying.

Thank you all again,

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