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The Goodlife Recipe

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Does anyone use this brand of cat food? It says it uses natural ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives, no fillers. Which really caught my eye.

I used to use purina one but my picky kitty seemed not to like the taste much and kept snubbing them lol. They all seem to really like this one though.

So was just wondering what others thought about it?
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Who ever the marketing people are for this food are doing their job, but look at the back of the package. I'm not sure what constitues natural, but I believe the first ingrediant is a meat by-product. The first ingrediant in a good food will be some sort of meat or be a meal (like chicken meal) You don't want a food with chicken by-product. Basilcy from what I saw I would not feed this food to my cats. I've never actually seen the food, but if there are a lot of colors that's not good either. That's the extent of my knowledge on cat food, but I'm sure someone will be along soon who has more information.
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To me the only thing good about it, is their commercial
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It isn't a good food. Period. Alot of people have had trouble with their cats throwing up and having diarrhea when they put them on this food. It isn't as natural as it says, and it's pretty grainy too. I have a kitty lover friend who tried it, and her cat threw up allllll night and another one was constantly in the litterbox. It's not as good as it says.

I would also say that Purina isn't good food for your indoor kitties. I feed it to our outdoor momma cats and the kittens once they get to be about 1.5 months because we feed alot of it and I don't have the money to spend on a better-quality for them. Plus the mommas catch birds and such to supplement their milk as well. But I wouldn't feed it to Zoey, my own kitty. I think Meow Mix would be the next best thing, but Nutro or Chicken Soup is better if it is available to you.
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I thought it might be a good food, based on the advertising about it. But when I went to the store and read the ingredients I changed my mind. But I do LOVE their commercials!!
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It is colorful. I am not pleased with it. My cats like the other kind I think its Naturals.... One of my cats has been vomiting after eating it. I wont buy it again.
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
I thought it might be a good food, based on the advertising about it. But when I went to the store and read the ingredients I changed my mind. But I do LOVE their commercials!!
It is a great commercial! That's why I said who ever is marketing that food is doing their job, unfortunatly the company manufacturing that food is not doing their job.

As a side note, I would not feed Meow Mix either, it also has a lot of food dye, and that's not good for kitty. I'm picky about what I feed. I used to feed Nutro Natural & that is what I consider a good food, but not a great food. I switched to Inova, but Jordan & Isaac are not wanting that anymore they seem to want to go back to Nutro.
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Actually one of my kitties has been getting sick alot lately and my husband thought it might be the cat food.

I love my kitties but having three of them we go through a bit of food so I gotta be alittle on the frugal side but I still want them to have good food.

I will look into Nutro and chicken soup are there any others you can suggest that are good but also nice for those on a budget?
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Chicken soup is often not much more than One

6lb for 7 -11$

Nutro max is also in that area 9-12 $

Nutro natural choice is higher
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Is there a Costco Near you or do you have a membership? Great food and cheap you get 25 pounds for $12.00
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I know Meow Mix isn't as good as some, but I was figuring she was on a frugal budget, and Meow Mix isn't exactly bad. If you have Nutro available to you, it's good food for a good price. Chicken Soup is good too if that is available. Both of them are good foods for cheap.
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