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OMG! This Feline Sanctuary!!!

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I found this news article link on this site and it caught my eye because it is from our local paper.....! I didn't know this place existed! How cool is this??? I am tempted to go out there and volunteer or donate or something!!!!

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It said that they don't like to give out their location so that people don't drop off their cats on their doorstep, but how do people give donations? or adopt? I hope this isn't what it sounds like to me, another hoarder.
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OMG! What is a hoarder?!?!?
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Someone that has a compulsion to have more and more kitties. They believe no one can care for the kitties better than them so none are homed out. Even when food runs out and there is no money for medical care they keep bringing in more and more. They usually don't neuter or spay.
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It does seem strange (I read the article). Neighbors complained of the stench, and the couple had 288 cats in a 2,000 sq. ft. home. It seems the main reason they're moving is because of the complaints, not because it was the right thing to do for the cats - that's what I pick up from the article, anyway.

At least they're moving to better quarters, and hopefully the cats will be properly taken care of - but why not try to rehome them?

There should be laws for cats just like there are for dogs. It's almost more important for cats - they're far more territorial than dogs. Cats aren't pack animals.

Why cage them? Why not move to the farm and practice TNR? (Trap-Neuter-Release). Provide shelters, etc. Info about TNR: Alley Cat Allies Information Sheets Selection Page

I agree - something seems fishy here.

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I guess I never knew about places/people like this. Here I thought they were doing a GOOD thing!
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OMG, I know those people! well, the husband. I lived in Michigan from 1995 - 1997. Roger worked at the hotel where my s/o worked. At the time, they had about 160 cats. We went to their house once, it didn't smell at that time. He definitely cares about animals. I hope he isn't a hoarder. I know they adopted out some of the cats when I knew him.
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Hey!! Where in MI were you?
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I lived in Farmington Hills and Westland. My s/o and I both worked in Livonia. We missed the east coast, so we came back after 2 years.
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