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Weird...came to my head this morning???  

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My Pleas to All to Help On Animal Abuse Cases...Please hear me...

The Innocent

I'm crying…reaching out
Why is there no one to hear my final shout?
How loud do I need to project?
What is the language must I need to speak?
How can you turn away from an innocent soul?
Where can I find what was once their home?
When will all come to walk with them gently?
When will you love; for there are so many?

Turn away, turn away, it is easy for most.
Your life is so busy;
Your life you boast…
My pain does not end
It only gets deeper
To live with my own
While greed is their keeper

I only become bitter inside
To see that there is such a great divide,
There may be a time when such crime
tortures you…

Your language will be mine
An unfamiliar tongue
To save the innocent's bleeding
Their lives horrific and shunned

Are you listening now...can you hear my calls

In your mirror do you see
A sinking heart disgraced by hypocrisy;

A dream for peace,
Will you consider this,
No blood will shed,
No pain will exist...
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Dear Catarina,

"I would hope that your next creative writing adventure of that nature would adorn the covers of newspapers everywhere."



Actually that is a wonderful poem-a work of art. You are very talented. (Except when it comes to faxes.) You are a caring person who does so much for other people. And you have a wonderful way with words. Have you written anything else?
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Dear Jamie,

Yeah you got me alright...I almost fell over. I'm glad...you know, I don't know how your day went hon...but, I have had it with the folks in Sacramento. I will take my stand right here right now...if any member of this site, that comes from that area and you don't support Denice Baltrons on May 10th, 8:30 am...for OUR PRECIOUS MAX...I will hope you burn in hell along side of Lacey!...how's that for creative writing.

By the way, I'm a bit pissed off...I can't believe the mindset of newspapers, tv stations...If I didn't have such an accident the other day... my finances would've allowed me to be there. I pray to our ALMIGHTY FATHER HE shows no mercy to this man.

Yes, I have written many other poems and I have a novel going as we speak...but I don't remember having said something so DARK in so long, I guess it is faith that is being tested here...FORGIVE ME...I need you Jamie as well as everyone else right now. I just can't believe what I went through today. Denice, hang in there...we'll get it right. I've called all my numbers...I got on the calling card....I spent over an hour...on there...unfortunately is appears no one else has had time. If you need me to call, ask me. I'm here and I'll do it.

Thanks Jamie for your kind; yet sarcastic words...(tired, but still sarcastic you love it)

Hey..WAIT A SEC...You openly admitted I didn't get the fax because you didn't have yours turned on! :laughing2:
Girlfriend...you are too funny! Go look at my baby's pic...you'll feel better...:laughing2:

[Edited by Catarina77777 on 05-08-2001 at 07:39 PM]
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Catarina, accidents? problems? is everything okay?
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Yes, Catarina, that is very very true, but I'm a little confused :confused3:. I thought it was somebody else's responsibilty to plug up the fax on your end *earlier* in the evening. Oh.... wait a minute....it's coming to me now... it was... it was...it was *YOU*!

I like to give credit where credit is due !!! :

Talk to you later, Catatrina, O' Fax Queen

Jamie, Fax Queen II

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Dear Anne,
Thanks for your concern...we'll see...I'll know more today, I don't want to say anything, cause I don't really know for sure what's happening myself, not all the way yet...ya know? I'll keep ya posted. xoxo
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My Dear Little Jamie,

Okay, okay, I'll take the blame...not because of YOU...but because I don't want to hurt anyone else here we've all gone through so much...:laughing2: teehee, hey, did you see my honey bunch yet? I might be the same pic I sent you...I'll post a different one in it's place.
I'll give you a buzz later at work and let you know what's up...if I'm able to talk...:confused3:
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Dear Great Fax Queen,

I can't deal with so much humor this early in the morning. :evilalien: That is very very funny.

No, I haven't had a chance to check him out yet, but I definitely will!

Please do call later and let me know what's going on. I'll be thinking about you.

I'm so tired--I can't even come back with a snappy comeback, but wait until later!!

Jamie (the Brat)

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