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Worried, cat poo smells like nothing you have smelled before..

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Im really worried about my cat, she recently had 3 kittens, their a little over 3 weeks old now and ever since then her poop have smelled like...well its unbarable.

We used to live at a farm kind of place aside from the town, back then she always where a outdoor car, but we had to move and now live in a apartment, meaning shes inside most of the time. We live rather close to the road so I dont dare to have her out for longer periods.

Ever since she had the kittens she eats like a horse, and im probably a horrible caretaker since i can't resist feeding her The smell it produces when she goes on the box, even when she covers it is..nothing like before, its horrible! and the stench fills the whole apartment, even when you have the doors closed, the piles she poops are also very mutch bigger then before, and alot of the times floaty.

I read something about this kind of stuff can be risk of the cat having diabetes? sounds wierd to me but they said to take her to a vet. Is this merly something that happens becouse i feed her alot? or can there be a risk of the cat having some sort of disease? Is there anything I can feed her to easen up on the smell?

Im usally not a person who have any problem with taking care of whatever that comes out of the backparts of people or animals, seeing as I work in the elder care with people who cant look after themselves. But the smell my cat produces after shes been on the kittybox just makes me close to vomiting...
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Nursing queens need to eat more ... they are providing 100% of the nutritional support for all those kittens and the extra food is required to keep her able to do so. Don't overfeed her, but give her as much as she wants and will eat right now.

As for the smell, I can honestly say that my own breeding queen (now spayed) had similar issues after each litter. The combination of eating more food (in a variety meant for kittens) as well as cleaning little kitten butts really was awful and the smells she produced were legendary in this house. Take heart that if this is indeed the case, it will get back to normal once the kittens are fully weaned.

But, and only you will be able to tell whether this is the case or not, sometimes there are parasitic issues which can cause the smell you are describing. If possible, I would try to get a fecal sample into the vet so you can rule out intestinal or GI tract parasites.
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Ever since Lily had her four kittens five weeks ago, her poo smell has been unbearable!!!! I clean it out almost immediately and the smell still lingers.

It's really awful.

Since this wasn't the case prior to the kittens, I *KNOW* it's because of all the extra eating and cleaning of them that is causing the smell.
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um, yeah remember she is not only providing the sole source of food for the kittens, she is the one cleaning their bums and removing their waste so the nest stays clean.

Poor girl, I suspect both issues (eating and really stinky pooing) will go away once the kits are weaned (or at least the worst smells should go away once they start using a litter box on their own).

and, of course, it's not a bad idea to get a vet's opinion on the fecal sample. Queens often transmit parasites to their kittens. Once she's done nursing, I hope you get her spade, and keep a very close eye on her until you do
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