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not weeing or pooing

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Hi, my family adopted a rescue cat and brought her home on sunday. she used the litter tray on the first night but doesnt seem to have used it since!! she is kept downstairs and it doesnt appear that she has soiled anywhere else int he house so im not sure what is going on. by the way it is clumping litter so i know she definatly hasnt used it. she has been eating and drinking normally.
any help or suggestions would be much appreciated
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panic over for her health, she has just done a poo on my door mat!! i think maybe she doesnt like where the litter tray is as it is in the utility and she doesnt like the washing machine when its on but i really have no where else i can put it as it is such a small house. she is a rescue cat and hasnt experienced any houshold noises before and is a bit wary but do you think she will get used to it all??
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If she hasn't been to the vet she should go. Have bloodwork and urine and an exam done. She is more than likely stressed and with cats and stress illness follows. Pooping out of the litter pan (she should have two pans) can be a health issue.
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Do you have an extra bathroom? That is sometimes a good place for a litter box, especially if there is an unused shower/bathtub involved. Also try different types of litter. Some cats like certain kinds (pine vs. paper vs. crystals, etc.)

My cat was a rescue cat too and he hid behind the toilet for 2 weeks! But now he's just the most lovey dovey thing ever! Do take him to the vet though, you want to make sure everything is ok.
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