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I recently adopted a cat, approx. two years old. She was given to me with a litter box full of Tidy Cats (I think), but I am not going to keep her on clay litter. After reading about different types of litter, wood pellets sound the most appealing to me. I've already purchased a 7 lb bag of Feline Pine and a 40 lb bag of Oak stove pellets ($4), and I've been mixing them in with the Tidy Cats.

My concern is with the size of the stove pellets. They are significantly larger than Feline Pine pellets; about 7 mm in diameter, about 1" average length, and about 1.5" max length. So my question: are other people successfully using pellets that large, or do these pellets sound too big to use as litter?

Also, does anyone want to recommend a scoop to use if I continue using the Oak pellets?