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Okay, I have an all white cat, something I have never had before. . . Is it normal for her to get what I call Boogers or dirty nose? She does not have a runny nose, but every week or so, she gets a blackish/dark brown what looks like boogers in her nose. Is it a normal cat thing and i have just never noticed it on dark noses, or is she playing around in dirty things (ie. dog toys) or what? Any advice?
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Is it possible that it is from wet food?
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
Is it possible that it is from wet food?
yes she does eat wet fod, but she is not really a messy eater, at least that i have noticed. . .
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Is she fully vaccinated? Could she have a cold?
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My Ivory gets black crusties as well.
In her case though, it is a chronic sinus issue stemming from multiple problems she had as a kitten.

I wouldn't worry about it too much unless she seems otherwise sick, but I would bring it up with the vet.
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She is fully vaccinated, and she does not show signs of being sick. She has had dirty nose since I got her. Just wondering if it was a normal think. . .
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