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A happy, sad, weird, story...

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My boyfriend's sister was living in Missouri on 55 acres of land with her boyfriend. They had a cat named Celeste who was a seal point Siamese.
During the night a fire started in their house. Stacy and her boyfrien were just barely able to get out of the house alive. She has a scar on her face from jumping out of the window.
Sadly the cat was lost in the fire
The next day, a cat showed up at the site of the fire. The new cat was a siamese mix cat with calico colorings on her sides that looked like burn marks and soot but it was her markings not burns. It was like Celeste had been reincarnated. Weird huh? And...the new cat was pregnant with kittens.
Stacy still has the cat today and her name is Ananda.

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Yes, that is a weird story! But you know what, I was looking at Cleo today. Now Cleo is black and white and her eyes are the same color as Angel's. The part around her eyes is mostly white...and of course, Angel was an all white cat.

So I was sitting there looking at Cleo and I could SWEAR I could see Angel in her. OMG..it was totally creepy.

What is creepier YET is that this past summer my mother bought this cute black and white cat statue from a gift shop. This was way before Angel died and way before we had Cleo. We brought Cleo home and I just FREAKED because that dang statue looks JUST like Cleo...the markings are IDENTICAL. It was like a foreshadowing of what was to come. I believe in things like that.

Whether or not this new cat is Celeste reincarnate is not something I know, but maybe Celeste sent her to Stacy? We believe Angel sent Cleo to us.
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What happened to Angel? And how did you get Cleo?
How strange that your mother bought that statue before you got Cleo!!!

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Oh God....I went back and found the thread about her because I thought it would be easier. anyway...it brought it ALL back. I AM STILL SOOO SAD! Just when you thought things were happier...BAM! Right back down at the bottom!

Here is the link:

There are other threads on here about how we mysteriously found her fur outside within the first few days ....I REALLY believe they are all signs. And I think this thing with Celeste and the new cat is, too!
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