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Do you have a favorite?

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Do you have a favorite kitty? Or do you try not to pick favorites?

I try to not pick favorites. I love Loki and Possum equally, but I spend more time with Possum because he's more of a cuddler, while Loki is more aloof, but still sweet. I worry tht Loki feels left out, but I just be nuts.

I had this same problem wth my sister's cats, Mouser and Minion, so it's probably just me.

So, do you also have irrational and neurotic fears of favoring one over the other?

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I very definitely have a favorite, but I try not to let it show to the others I love all my kitties for different reasons, but Hades really speaks to my heart for some reason he reminds me a lot of my Rainbow Bridge kitty, Simon, personality wise, so I think that has a lot to do with it
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Sammy's my favorite (shh! don't tell the others!! ) but that's really because he's a total momma's boy and a lap cat... tryon wants to be left completely alone, and weeble is somewhere in the middle... it's just easier to love on sammy because he'll let you
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I swear that I don't... but I just shared a little bit of my food with Tomas and not Sho, not sure if that is a deciding factor.

..never mind that Sho was too lazy to move and that's why he wasn't handed a bite.
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Twitch is my love, my life, my soulmate. We were meant to be together.

Damita is just such a love, you could probably break every bone in her body & she's still want to be petted;

Dorky Fish, he's too dumb not to love.

Ophelia, even when she's nasty, I just love her for being....her.

Molly....I love that mustache!

TigerLily....just when you think she's a brat, she puts her bum in the middle of the homework I was reading for a good love session.

I lvoe PJ & Punky because nobody apparenlty does.

I love them all, but Twitch, we are a match made in heaven. The day she dies, I will too.
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I love Ryu most, he's affectionate and a real laugh. I pat him first and feed him 1st. Even though him and Diego get fed at the same time, he gets the bowl first then a second later Diego gets his.

Diego is acting funny lately, but he's cool in his own dopey way, I love that.

Neko well he's awesome, he brings home, snakes and lizard, occasionally a frog or 2 and lots of grass hoppers. I love that coz it makes him special.
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I really don't have a favorite. They're all soo different and have such unique personalities....that I love soo many different things about each of them.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post

I love them all, but Twitch, we are a match made in heaven. The day she dies, I will too.
That is EXACTLY how I feel about my Mutty.
She's been with me since I was 9 years old.
I can't imagine my life without her.
I know a huge part of me will die when she does.
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When I am with Mittens she is my favorite. When I am with Cassy she is my favorite. At first, when Cassy first came here, I'll admit I was crazy over her, poor Mittens!
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I don't really have a favourite as they all have special and unique qualities, but some cats are extra special. I've always had a very close bond with Jaffa and I can't imagine having such a special relationship with another cat. Jaffa is my very special little boy and I can't imagine being without him. That doesnt mean I didn't love his brother Magpie (now at rainbow bridge) or that I don't love Mosi, just that Jaffa's one in a million.
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We try hard not to have favorites and we love them all very much, but we do have our favorites. My favorites are Lt. Bear and Woody Jr., and John's favorites are Spike and Captain Squishy.
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I sadly have favorites as well.... I try not to,, I love them both.. But I do find myself loving on Chessy alot more then Angel. Mostly because Chessy comes right to me, and lays on me and wants cuddled.. Whereas Angel has her own agenda..
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I love them both the same. I love how Summer is so affectionate! She has become quite the lap cat! She's so cute when she's seeking it too! She honestly does not have a mean bone in her body...I've gotten lots of compliments on how sweet she is!

I love how playful Chevy is and his little quirks. Him and I are bath buddies. He loves catching the drips. We may get a pet fountain just for him. He loves to carry socks around and play in the tub after we're done using it. He's the one we laugh at while we're giving Summer love. He's too curious to stay still for too much love, but will seek it out at least once a day. I give him lots of love anyway and seek it out myself!

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Yes........ Chili's my favorite kitty, a real heart-kitty. I've never come close to the communication I have with her with any other being, human or not. You certainly don't need to share a language with someone to speak to them, and to have real meaning in your day-to-day life with eachother. There will never be another Chili for me, and probably never another animal or human who speaks to my heart like she does.

Sometimes I wake up and know exactly where she is, and often when I look for her I just know where she is, I always know that she wants me half a second before I hear her meows.... and she's sitting on my lap right now chewing on my fingertips as I type.

Emma and Tom are special, and very precious to me. Emma's my Drama Queen and Tom is my crazy, skittish, high-maintinence kitty who would cuddle with you all day if you'd let him. But Chili is my soulmate in kitty world, and I can't help adoring her.
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I try not to have favorites. Both of mine are so different and they're both special. I don't think I could pick a favorite if I had too.
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As with everybody else, I try not to have favorites, but I am way more bonded with Mica than the other two.
I love all three, but I think it's because despite being aloof (she hates being picked up, petted, sitting on anyone's lap) she still waits at the door for me, and wakes me in the morning with purrs and chirps, and she doesn't do that with anybody else
Also, she's the first kitty I ever raised from a kitten
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I really don't have a favorite mainly because my cats are so different. Sassy is very laid back, quiet and just likes to hang out with you. Linus on the other hand is a little joker who is always up to something. I must laugh out loud twenty times a day at his antics.

If I am relaxing Sassy usually is stretched out beside me or on my knee. If I am working around the house Linus is usually trying to help or at least his version of helping.
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I do! My one and only Ike!
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they're my favorites for different things... Pixel is my favorite lap kitty, 'cause she's the best at it - sits quietly, doesn't disturb me, etc.

Chip's my favorite purrer, 'cause he's practically a vibrator! but even tho i enjoy it when he purrs on my lap, i have to watch him - he has a tendency to nip my chin when he gets really happy...

Cable is my favorite to stroke, because her fur texture is the silkiest. but she kneads very strongly when sitting on my lap, & moves around a lot.

Java is my sleeping partner, & my favorite for nose kisses, because she likes them so much!

Firefox is my favorite kitten, 'cause she's the only kitten i have!
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I've had Yasmine alot longer than Molly. Sometimes i think i favor yasmine and baby her more although shes a brat. Now on the other hand, Molly is very affectionate which i love. SO i think my love balances out because i love them both for so many different reasons.
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I also have a favorite, though I love the cripes out of all three. Nollee would be my favorite because she is MY first cat (Tiger is the bf's cat) and she is very skiddish and only dedicated to me (her meowmy)... She is well behaved, super cuddly, very playful, quiet (well she is a squeeker which is so cute), and whenever I am sad she is right there kissin up to her mommy... She is super loyal (Im greedy I like havin her all to myself) and she isnt keen on men (hahahaha)...

I also love Osiris and Tiger... Tiger for his major attitude and because he is my napping buddy... and I love Osiris for his personality, playfulness, and neediness.
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I too love mine for many reasons, so I don't have a favourite. Chynna tends to like to go and sleep in the cupboard sometimes while Abby is a real Mommy's girl and has to be see or be near me at all times, so she tends to get more attention but that doesn't mean I love her more than Chynna.
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I try not to have favorites but I always have connected better with one catat different points. Princess I had from age 13 till she passed 17 years later. She was my soul mate Then Marbles healed me and really became my baby. Well I lost him several weeks ago. It seems that I keep losing the cats that are the closest to me. I miss both Princess and Marbles so much.
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