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Got another question for all you experts!

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Ok..most of you all know that Tiki has been put on med's for her allergies and for her bladder infection. It'll be one week on Saturday when I started her meds. This little girl just isn't acting right. My Vet told me not to worry about it..but I am. She has become VERY unsocial and acts scared all the time. Every time I try to pick her up or play with her, she runs away...but just far enough that I can't reach her. If I continue after her, she will hide and not come out for 10 minutes or so. She hasn't come near me on her terms at all and she stopped sleeping in bed with me too. At first I thought that she was scared of me because I was giving her med's and she thought that everytime I was picking her up she had to go through that "torture". Right now, I've disguised her med's in a few morsels of wet food...so she doesn't even know that's she's even taking them.
I just don't know how to get her back to her social self again. She doesn't even play with Echo anymore...and Echo is her BEST BUDDY!! Do you think the med's are doing this to her? Or is it the fear of taking the pills? Maybe a combo of both? I just don't know...and I hate seeing her like this. She just doesn't seem like the same kitty...
Any ideas? Thanks for all your help!
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Ask your vet what side effects the combined medications could have. If you don't get an answer you are satisfied with, call another vet.you could wait until the meds are done and watch for any changes. If it is the medication it could be causing her to feel weird and there fore stressed out. If she is eating and drinking with no elimination problems things should be OK.
Keep us posted!
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I agree call you vet- what meds is she on right now? Vet visits are very stressful for kitties, they are assaulted by all the strange smells and noises and do take some time to come down off the stress. I wouldn't pursue her, I would just leave her be. If she is eating and drinking and remembers her litter pan manners, I would just let her alone and when she gets that trust back she will come to you. Medication can cause side effects, it just depends on what meds you are giving her, and no cat likes to get pilled, so they will run from you, even if you hide the pill in your hand, they know. Unsocial behavior is normal after a vet visit or pilling time, what you need to watch for is if the cat is lethargic, not eating or drinking or using the litter pan, drinking lots of water or excessive drooling.
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Tiki has been eating and drinking like usual...and using the litter boxes. So far we have not had a single peeing problem since last week...so hopefully we are making some progress!
As for her meds, she is on Amoxil 100mg (one tablet daily) and Chlorpheramine Maleate 4mg (one tablet daily). I posted the other day about how she was so sleepy (more than usual), but it was most likely the allergy med that was doing that. It looks and seems like her daily routine is normal except for being very unsocial. She's a cat who likes to be by herself, but loves attention too...and she doesn't seem to want any kind of attention right now.
I'm calling my Vet in the morning just in case!
Thank you both Dragon Lady and Hissy for the quick replies!!
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