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Siamese question

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i have an opportunity to purchase a 12 week old kitten, but had a concern or two. The kitten is CFA registered and has papers, but the tips on her are red instead of Seal, Blue, or whatever. I have heard that red tips aren't really desirable from one source or another, but i don't have any other understanding on the matter.

Anyways, was hoping one you breeders could clear things up for me, thanks
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The kitten is a Red Point Siamese - no different then any other color point. Some like the lighter color points (red, cream, chocolate, lilac) as the body coat will stay a lot lighter and whiter then the other darker colors.

If you like the kitten, buy her - she will have all the personality of a Siamese. BTW is she pet or show?
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Was the kitten registered as a Colorpoint Shorthair or Siamese? Red points are accepted for CP Shorthair - or registered as AOV for Siamese.

And as GK says, Pet or Show? It does make a difference. If its a show kitten, get it re-registered as a Colorpoint Shorthair. It just depends on the papers that the parents carry.

Good luck!
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I can't comment on CFA colour classes as I'm in the UK, but I think red point Siamese are beautiful. Here in the GCCF (UK registry) a red point is registered as Siamese the same as a seal point or any other colour points, the only difference between cat registries is that some colours are registered under a different name, but a red point Siamese is still a Siamese even if shown under a different breed name - if that makes any sense!
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CFA registers any siamese that is not a seal, blue, chocolate or lilac as a "Colorpoint". The rest of the associations (overseas, ACFA, TICA) call them Siamese in lots of color points
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Oh, they are beautiful. Our friend has a red-point Siamese (Minou). He's awesome.

I'm one of those folks that love the lighter pointed Siamese, red, lilac and blue although all Siamese are wonderful of course.
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just a question, I thought red points were more commonly called flame points? I'm sure there's no difference, but chocolate points aren't called brown points, lilac points aren't called gray points, so why are red points called red?
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In shorthairs/Siamese most call them red points. Its "flame" points in Himalayans. I don't know why the difference
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well, she is a show cat.. but, i do think she was registered as a colorpoint. I will be driving up there today to get all the details and hopefully be picking her up.

I appreciate all the information so far, and hopefully i can get some pictures uploaded for you all :P
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As long as she is registered in CFA as a Colorpoint you are ok. Also, if you get her I'd be interested in her lines and who she's out of. Some of us can tell you if she's show quality from the pics.

And are you planning on showing her in the kitten, championship or premiership (altered) classes?
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Yeah I have to say when researching the Siamese and Balinese breeds I was very confused by the different terminology used.

In the GCCF Hopey is a Chocolate Tortie Tabby Point Variant and in TICA Chocolate Torbie Point Siamese (TICA have changed her to Seal since). So I am always confused on what to call her.

To add to the confusion Colourpoint is a himi here
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And in the US (CFA) - himalayan is now classified as a pointed pattern class in the Persians

I thought Hopey was a solid color point - am I thinking of another cat?
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I have nothing to add, because I have no clue on these matters, I just read the thread simply because I have a Siamese Mix

If you do end up picking the kitten up, dont forget to post photos! I Can't wait to see! & CONGRATS!
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