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So who has them in their basement or garage???
I have been hunting them in the basement and several have been vacuumed up!!
If I do that in the garage just more will replace them!!

None of the cats seem interested in them!!!

I read on one website just to get a lizard-oh wouldn't that be fun

Well they will bite the dust after a couple of heavy frosts anyhow......
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Oh man those things are annoying!

I remember when I was 12 years old we lived in a newly developed area. Our house didn't have a finished basement but there was insulation up in places (I think my step father was planning on finishing it). Anyway, there were lots of crickets in the area and some found their way into the basement and into the insulation. We never could find them so we lived with the horrid chirpping of crickets which seemed to increase at night!
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I like the sound of crickets! It's such a summery sound to me.
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On occasion there are some that make their way into our room. I freak out every time!
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A cricket in the house is good luck.

I wish I had your cricket problem, I wouldn't have to buy food for Lloth until Winter.
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We had a cricket in the basement that drove the cats crazy! They didn't mind the sound, but the poor thing came out just to taunt them (or to find a way out...who knows). I loved the sound. If I could have caught it I would have released it outside. But, it has stopped chirping so I guess the cats go to it first.
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Don't kill them! It's bad luck!

I love the chirping in early Fall; it lulls me to sleep.
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I saw one in one of the litter boxes this morning!!
We have tons of them outside-I like them there better than in the basement.
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I'll find the occasional dissembodied cricket leg in the basement....obviously the girls find them very quickly, as I've never actually heard them down there.
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Bijou came across the lawn the other day and I thought I saw something in his mouth. When he came up to me I saw he had a cricket by one leg. He dropped it in front of me and the cricket got away.
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What a coincidence!,.... last night was one in our main room... the Cats are snoring and don´t to check where are it... I have to stand up to find it and put out on the garden!
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