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So proud!

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There Murphy was, laying on my lap, being all cute and kitten like, lets a big yawn go ... and what do I see in his mouth?

His first adult Canine!! It also means he is growing up

They are both starting to look so sleek and slender now and are over 5lbs! (5 months old)

Just out of curiosity .. will this adult tooth push out the baby on? I ask because it is growing next to the baby canine, so it looks like he has 3 on his bottom jaw now!
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Awww. What a proud Meowmy you must be -- the kitts are growing up! Yes, I think it's just like with us -- the adult teeth replace the baby teeth. How neat that he showed it to you!
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If the baby tooth hasn't fallen out yet, it will soon, and the adult tooth will move up to replace it.

Awww, your little boy is growing up! Now, you will have an adult cat that will still think he is the size of a kitten for another year. The energy level doesn't drop immediately, unfortunately.

Good luck! You gotta love em!
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