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My cat sounds like me!

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Joji is my oldest cat. I can't tell you exactly how old because she was a feral adult when I adopted her more than 13 years ago. She is no lap cat and prefers to be alone, but she sleeps with me and she is my favorite.
Yesterday I was told that her meow - intonation, pitch - sounded like me. Joji is talkative when she wants something. She wanted to go inside my bedroom while I had some guests. She sat by my bedroom door and did her demanding meow. I replied, she replied and it went like that until she went in. Anyway, when I went back out my guests were all giggly and they said that if Joji could talk she could be me. Mmmm.
Is it possible that after all these years together Joji does sound like me? I read cats on the hunt resort to mimicking to lure their prey.
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I don't doubt it a bit that they do come to talk like us (or we like them -- some have told me I do a pretty convincing miao!) Sure hope I don't sound like my Samuda, though -- he'll stand in the middle of the hallway or bedroom or wherever, and yodel nonstop at the top of his lungs. Why? Because he's made a big "kill" (of a sparkle ball!) and he wants me to know what a great provider and mighty hunter he is!
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I think you're on to something there. I've read that cats do most of their vocalizing for the benefit of their humans. I wouldn't be surprised if to some extent they can learn to imitate what they hear, at least as far as they're capable of.
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