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Does slavery still exist today? Are women still "oppressed"? - Page 2

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I want to state that I'm happy being female. I like me and who I am. I have a good career as a software engineer and I'm financially independent.

As for the name change when married thing. I grew up unaware of that tradition and to me the idea of giving up any part of my name is just appaling. Your name is a part of your identity, it's also a brand and name recognition is important, especially professionally. If I ever get married I will not be changing my name. I wouldn't pressure the hypothetical husband into taking my name either (that'd just be silly anyway since I have a patronym rather than a last name)

I don't think it's wrong for married people to have the same name but I think it's a sign of gender inequality in the culture when it's almost always the woman changing hers.

The list is 17 years out of date. It was written in 1990, but a lot of it is still valid. There are newer versions around.

I'm not saying that women are effectively chained and barefoot in the kitchen in the western world. Far from it. However there are little things which priviledge men around. Each one is small but the collective impact shouldn't be just dismissed. This is stuff that's wired into the culture and it's not any one man's or woman's fault. It is changing for the better and has changed for the better but it's slow going.
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Things have changed a lot in the western world over the past 30 or 40 years. Whereas my mother's generation were all stay-at-home mothers while the hubby went out to bring the bacon home, nowadays women have the privilege of earning a living and having for the most part to do all the housework and parenting.

This whole 'equality' thing has landed us with two roles. Now I don't have any children myself but there are friends of mine with children who work as they want to have their own careers and also have that extra financial stability (some also have no choice but to work). They also have to keep the house clean and make sure the kids get to creche/school etc. The hubby spends a night looking after the kids and declares that it is easy. Meanwhile the house is a bombshell because all he did was play with them and put them to bed; ignore everything else!!

I'm generalising a lot here but basically that is what happens in my experience. Equality does not exist and I don't think it ever will.
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IMO, we are all pretty much spoiled rotten and don't have a dang thing to complain about. "We" as women in the western world.

There ARE millions of women in the world that DO have horrendous lives, THOSE are the ones I feel sorry for. Certainly not us.
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TBH we should always strive to improve everyones lives, our own included, regardless of how good we seem to have it.
Just because in general we suffer a much lesser evil, doesn't make it right.
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