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comic sans ms comic sans ms

Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Jennifer. I live in Michigan with my hubby, two kids, black lab, rabbit and cat. Bailey is his name. He is just over a year old. His birthday is September 8, 2001. We got him as a kitten from friends of ours. He is a creamy orange tabby. He can be loveable but the most part he likes to keep to himself. My daughter loves him and carries him everywhere. This can get him mad and then he bites! Hey can't blame him. lol He has gotten a flabby belly on him lately. It's not really fat though, more like a big flab of skin. I know what a weird description.
Well enough for now. I'm glad I found this forum. Looks like fun!!
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Welcome to the site! It's really a great place to gloat about your kitties (BTW...we LOVE pictures!!) or just ask questions about your cat. Everyone on this site are really nice and very informative..so just ask away if you need to!
Hope to see you post more!
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Hi Jen,

Welcome to a really nice place! Glad you are here!

I have a Bailey too- he is an orange tabby and a clown. He finds the oddest places to lay down at. See what I mean?
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Cute picture....
Bailey loves to sleep in the rabbit's cage when she is out of it.
Does your Bailey have a really long tail? Mine does.
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Welcome to the site Jen! Wow, the two Bailey's could almost be brothers. Too cute. As you can tell, we've got a lot of friendly people here. Jump right in to any discussion you want, or ask any questions you may have about Bailey (whether urgent or just curiosity).

I look forward to getting to know you and Bailey more on the boards!
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Welcome to the site! Bailey is too cute!

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Bailey's a real babe! Welcome to both you and him. it's great to have all these new members here.

You're right it is fun, and everyone will make you feel very welcom, very quickly.
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