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Fearful Kitten

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So, last night was the first night I got to sleep in my own bed.
The previous nights, I had to keep little Kadaj quarantined in the livingroom until it was safe for him to come in my bedroom.
But he hated it when I went in my room, and always tried to dart in after me nd would meow and paw under the door when I had to be in here.
So, yesterday, I kitten-proofed my room and let little Kadaj in at last. He was thrilled to be there.
Night came and I curled up in bed to sleep. Kadaj curled up next to me to sleep too. Thiiiis is where there's a problem.
SOMETHING (I have no idea what) spooked him, and he backed up into me, which spooked him even more, and he went flying off the bed, crashed into the night-stand and raced out of the room.
I went out there to check if he was hurt. He wasn't.
But he was terrified of me for at least another twenty minutes and wouldn't let me touch him without leaping, twisting in the air and dashing off in a horrified terror.
Eventually, he came to like me just as much as he did before, but he's STILL terrified of my room.
I've tried to gently re-introduce him, but he just stands in the door-way and meows at me to come out for him, instead of coming in.
I've tried carrying him in and holding him for a little while, then putting him on the floor next to me, but he immediately darts out of the room, and the slightest movement or rustle of anything would spook him into running away.
Today, after a few hours, he would come as far as my computer on his own, if I was in there (About two feet from the door).
But then the printer spooked him and he ran out again and refuses to come back in.
I just hope this isn't one of those things where he's scarred for life and will never come into my room again? (This isn't only because I want him to come in here, but also because when I'm in here, he'll stand in the doorway and yowl pitifully until I come out there)
..He'll be three months old on Sept. 12, if that helps with anything.
.....Help? Has anyone else had this problem?
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I have a reticent, PTSD-y kitten. Keep up the positive interactions, as much as possible. Try for gradual exposure to "the scary thing," maintaining the positive interaction during it. Keep talking to him in quiet, soothing tones. He'll get over it. Eventually.
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Thanks so much. It was just so sudden....I wasn't sure what to do.
An hour before, he was running around the room like a psycho, trying to play with everything, and then.... BAM. Room = DO NOT WANT.
But he's fallen off the couch before kinda similar to that, and has no bad feelings for the couch at all
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In a few months I think he probably will have no memory at all of things - best for you to not try to encourage him back at all... let him find his own way (and forget the scary stuff in the process).
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